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Adobe cs3 cs4 cs5 permission error under Mac OSX

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When I upgraded my Mac, I just used the time machine to recorver all of my preferences. Everything worked great except for Adobe Illustrator CS3 which would not start (license error).
I tried removing it and then install version CS4 (genuine copy) and it was not working. After much struggle, I realize the problem was that I did not have writing permission on the file
/Library/Preferences/FLEXnet\ Publisher/FLEXnet
Simply try to copy a file to this folder to see if you have the same problem. Whatever I did then, I could not change the permissions to this folder (nor could Adobe special scripts) or the Folder Info panel.
This folder had extra attribute (@ sign in front of the file name when using a ls -ali in a terminal) and it turned out that these attributes were related to the time machine. I simply put the folder "FLEXnet\ Publisher" to the trash (had to enter the root password) and recreated manually this folder and the FLEXnet subfolder.
Then both Adobe CS3 and CS4 could run
The best answer: I don't see a question in your post... but I feel your FLEXnet pain. At least you didn't have to feed it the serial number off your hard drive.