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Annoying mini-DVI to video adapter...

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I've been using a mini-DVI to video adapter, mostly to watch DVD's since my PS2 broke, for about a month. However, tonight when I tried to set it up, it didn't work.
I plugged in the cable and the adaptor and the only thing that would show up on the screen is my wallpaper-- not my cursor, or the dock, or the icons on the desktop. Just the desktop wallpaper. And nothing else is showing up.
Is the port fried? Or is it the adaptor? Which is more likely/how can I tell/how can I fix it? Thanks in advance!
The best answer: The desktop background is visible, so it is working, but in extended desktop mode, if you move the mouse or drag a window far enough it will show up on that display.
-close the lid, when the internal display shuts off the external will become the primary display, do you have an external keyboard/mouse to wake up the computer when the lid is closed?
-Use System Preferences: Displays: Arrangement to drag the white menu bar (and Dock) to the other monitor.
-Also, in System Preferences: Displays, check the Mirror displays to force both the laptop and the external display to show the same thing.
I'm not sure how your settings got changed or what you did before, but it's possible that something reverted to a default setting if you did some software update or something.