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Capitalization of an investment order/project - Original cost elements

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Hi all,
I do have a question concerning the capitalization of an investment order/investment project onto an asset under construction (AuC).
I have configured the system in a way, using capitalization key and capitalization versions, that I can capitalize 100 % of the costs within the IFRS depreciation area to the AuC and 0 % of the costs within my local gaap depreciation area to the AuC.
Instead of capitalizing the costs within the local gaap depreciation area, the cost are booked to the u201CAccount for capitalization differences/nonoperating expensesu201D.
With the settlement of the investment order/investment project to the AuC the original cost accounts/cost elements (shared between IFRS and local gaap) are credited and the AuC is debited for the IFRS deprecation area and the u201CAccount for capitalization differences/nonoperating expensesu201D is debited for the local gaap depreciation area.
My problem is, that I do not want to have the costs for my local gaap P&L on the u201CAccount for capitalization differences/nonoperating expensesu201D, I do want to have them instead on the corresponding local gaap cost accounts/cost elements to  the original shared cost accounts/cost elements within FI and CO. 
Is there any possibility to do this within SAP Standard?
(If possible the solution should also work within New GL, using multiple ledgers for parallel accounting instead of different account)
Thank you!
The best answer: Hi Prad,
I am on 4.6C/D.
Please check on your settings for Capitalization of AUCs created through Investment Support Measures: -
1. Go to the IMG, Asset Accounting under Special Valuation and determine the Depreciation Areas you would like your Investment Support Measures to post to.
2. Still in Special Valuation, define an Investment Support Key and assign it to the relevant depreciation area
3. Also, define the relevant account determination for such posting under the Special Valuation
4. Proceed in the same area to define the Transaction type for the Investment Support Measure by changing any of the Standard ones in there in line with your requirements
5. Now move back to IMG, Asset Accounting then Master Data. Here you go to the screen layout and pick the relevant asset class for AUCs. Get this logical feild group and pick on the item Investment Support. Proceed to define its feild group rule as optional at the required asset maintenance level (Main Asset and/or Sub Level)
6. Leave the IMG and access the relevant AUC's Master Data from the User Menu. Click the tab Investment Support and insert the Investment Support Key you created in note 2 above
7. Now capitalise the AUC. Should work