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DreamWeaver MySQL "Group by" Tutorial

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Hi People,
Does anyone know of a good DreamWeaver / MySQL Tutorial to show how to 'Group' result from a MySQL database.
I need to combine "Group by" and a "Repeat Region" row in a table:
// Start Repeat Region
Group by: Order No.
                             - Show: Column A, Column B, Column C, Column D, Column E
// End Repeat Region
Anyone got any ideas?
Many thanks!
The best answer: " SELECT *, COUNT(order_no) as count
FROM order
GROUP BY order_no
ORDER BY due_date ASC
Replace the bolded word with the respective column in table. Drag any variable that u want to put on page do normar repeat region."
I don't have a 'count' column.
I have one table called projects, which holds the order number, due date, etc, then another table called jobs, which uses a Foreign Key to link to the projects table. The jobs table hold information, such as language, what stage the jobs is at, etc.
Can you explain where the 'count' column would go, would it be a sum of all 'jobs' that have the same order number?
Apologies for the confusion, I'm trying to learn this as I go along!