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Error message in Adobe Pdf in printer device panel when trying to create a pdf document.  I have CS3

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Error message in Adobe Pdf in printer device panel when trying to create a pdf document.  I have CS3 Web Premium with Acrobat Professional 8.  I use it fine on my old computer with Windows XP.  I recently got a new laptop with Windows 7.  I installed all my Adobe programs, and I think they are working.  When I look at Adobe PDF in the device section of the Control Panel it looks okay.  But when I try to print a Word, Photoshop, or HTML page in PDF, nothing happens.  I have tried printing both as File>print and using the PDF tab on the top menu bar.  I look at the device in the control panel and it has the yellow error warning symbol and suggests trying to troubleshoot.  I look at the document list and it says status "error".  When I try troubleshooting Windows suggests doing some Home Sharing and also suggests canceling the document I'm trying to print.  I tried re-installing just Acrobat 8 from CS3 (and have to use Photoshop CS4 disk for shared documents I guess).  I ran into a can't locate adobepdf_dll file, so did a web search on this issue and found a suggestion that I find and use the adobepdf_dll_64 file and may have to (I did have to) remove the "_64" for it to work.  I think I successfully reinstalled using that dll file- no errors came up anyway.  But still when I try printing/converting a photoshop, webpage, or word document into pdf, the pdf device in control panel still gives the error status on the document and gives the same troubleshooting advice.  Help?
The best answer: I just compared the properties between the two computers.  On the old computer it has the port as "My Documents/*.pdf".  On my new computer it lists the port as "LPT1".  I tried changing the port to "Print as File", but when I try printing a photoshop picture as pdf, I get a "Access Denied".  I then tried to create a new port on the device control panel.  I tried to create a local port "My Documents/*.pdf" port but was denied.  I ten tried to create a new port type and control panel asked for an INF file.  I wonder if this is where my problem lies.  Thoughts?


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