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Hi. Im currently living in New Zealand. Just bought an iphone 5s yesterday from a shop called Parallel Brand Imports in Auckland. When i came home i called apple to check whether my phone is locked or not and they said that its locked to US Verizon even t

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When i came home i called apple to check whether my phone is locked or not and they said that its locked to US Verizon even though when i checked on iphoneimei it said sim status unknown. I put my 2degrees (NZ carrier) in today and it worked fine. I got into the settings and turned off the automatically part of carrier and there were 3 options for me to choose 2degrees vodafone and telecom. Because of that, im quite confused abt whether my phone is locked or not since im from vietnam so i want to know if i can use vietnamese sim card when i go home. Thanks for your [email protected]
The best answer: Hi tranvietanh - I appreciate you contacting us all the way from New Zealand! I can confirm that the iPhone 5s and all of our other 4G LTE device are not SIM locked. As the carrier in New Zealand may not support the exact same frequencies and cellular bands that we use on our network, we are unable to support the device if using a 3rd party SIM.
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