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How to install java plugin manually on windows

Some people can only run Firefox and Java without running installers, can only copy the directories from another machine to uncommon locations (permission issues).
I am trying to get the Java plugin working without relying on the installer's magic. I have JDK 1.6 installed with the private JRE or another public JRE. But I can't seem to get the system to actually run Java. I copied the file
to the plugins directory, but this does not help. I copied
to the plugin directory, and now the system thinks it has applets (the applet replacement content doesn't get shown any more). But it doesn't actually run.
I also edited the profile files:
But still nothing more happens. I copied the
folder into the extensions, but that just brings up that the Java console is there, it doesn't make Java run.
Also, the Java Control Panel hangs when I do anything like setting the plugin activation checkmarks and then OK. The control panel is then completely locked.
What is the intricate configuration mechanism?
The best answer: I'm unable to watch some movies, videos and play some games because Adobe Flashplayer is not suPported. What plugin do I use?