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HT4528 I have an IPHONE 4 and the IOS app was downloaded on my phone. I Hate it...I do group texting for my church and I am unable to do it now, it says please wait and then I can never get it to let me type the message..Is there anyway to take this off m

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I have an Iphone 4 and the IOS app was downloaded. I HATE it it will not allow me to group text. i do a prayer chain for my church and it will not let me type any messages...is there anyway to delete this app or upgrade
The best answer: As major software releases go iOS 7 is amazing?  Many requests for support found on these boards are solved via advice related to How To Do Something.  Many times the advice is right out of the User Documentation provided by Apple.  If someone were to compare the number of critical issues reflected across these posts vs. most other major releases from any major vendor ...iOS 7 is excellent.


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