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IPod Mini not recognized by iTues or Computer since last time I connected.

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I am creating this as a new post to get some data not a fix. If you find an answer start a new post.
Around Thanksgiving my iPod Mini that worked for over a year is no longer recognized by iTunes (Actually it shows as a bad file folder then dissapears in Windows Explorer).
I did everything the trouble shooting instructions suggest at least 5 times, except I can't restore because the computer does not recognize the iPod.
I was about to give up on iPods when... in a meeting at work I learned 3 out of 5 iPod users said the same thing happen since Thanksgiving and the others don’t think they have sync'ed yet.
Please just post a ME TOO! response if you have the same issue described above and (In this order):
1.You can not get the iPod into the Disk Mode.
2.You have reset your iPod while pluged into your computer.
3.You have double checked you connections and tried different USB ports on the same computer.
4.You restarted your computer and made sure you have the latest windows software updates installed.
5.Removed iTunes software and then reinstall latest iPod and iTunes software.
6.CAN NOT RESTORE your iPod because your computer does not recognize it.
If this describes your issue PLASE REPLY with ME TOO!
Hopefully the number of responses to this post will get someone’s attention at Apple.
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The best answer: ME TOO!