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Active Directory Structure Diagram


How do I create Local Network Home Folders for Users from an Active Directory binding?

My situation is this... I run an iMac lab at my school.  I have a server set up to manage the network user accounts in the lab.  Currently, I can sucessfully create Local Network Users and log in to them from any of the iMacs.  My school has an Activ

Lion Server not reading Active Directory Groups reliably

I am trying to upgrade one of our XServes from Snow Leopard Server to Lion Server and am running into a strange issue with our Active Directory based users and Groups. The current Snow Leopard Server serving files from a XSan volume is running fine,

How to do provisioning in Active Directory multiple lavel OU structure from FIM 2010 R2 with Country basis.

Hi, I want to do provisioning in Active Directory multiple level Organization Unit(OU) from FIM 2010 R2  with country name basis. Suppose i have Asia,Europe,UK,USA region OU and they have another OU in Asia OU like India,china etc if country name is

OIM 9.1.0 Integration with Active Directory 2008 R2

Hi, My customer is running Root/Child AD structure based on windows 2003 w/SP2, OIM 9.1.0 deployed under one of the child domains, and integrated with child domains controllers which runs windows server 2003 as well. My customer has decided to upgrad

Active Directory, single sign-on and  SRM Users

We are in the process of installing SRM 7.0. using the Classic Scenario. I am seeking clarification around the creation of users in that system given the following: - My Basis colleagues are in the process of implementing single sign-on using Active

How to add a new schema in active directory by jndi?

I can add new objectclass schema and new attribute into eDirectory from JNDI. But I failed doing the same to active directory. I search all topic in this forums and seems like there is no such answer. So for active directory, the only way to add new

Adding a user in Active Directory

Hi fellows, I am having a serious problem in creating a new user in active directory. i am using LDAP JNDI code. I can delete and update users attributes, but fail to create users. ctx.createSubcontext("newuser,full domain", attributes); when i

Active Directory user passwords on mobile account with File Vault

Hi all, I enabled file vault when I moved to my MacBook Pro. I joined the computer to the domain (after enabling file vault), and logged in with my domain account, creating a managed, mobile account so that I could use the computer when not connected

Certificate issues Active Directory Certificate Services could not process request 3699 due to an error: The revocation function was unable to check revocation because the revocation server was offline. 0x80092013

Hi, We have some problems with our Root CA. I can se a lot of failed requests. with the event id 22: in the logs. The description is: Active Directory Certificate Services could not process request 3686 due to an error: The revocation function was un