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How to set up multiple Airport Extremes with 1 SSID

Equipment:      Office with 2 floors      1 Modem      1 Router      1 Switch      5 Airport Extremes (2014 models, each in Bridge mode) Network layout:      Modem -> Router -> Switch -> 5 Airport Extremes Current Setup:      Each Airport has the

Multiple SSID network; 1 Extreme (current gen) + 3 Express (2011 models)

Hi, I'm looking to set up an Wireless network using Multiple SSID's (Business and Guest) using one airport extreme and three Airport Expresses. Are the Airport Expresses capable of bridging multiple ssids or extending multiple ssids? What's the best

IBook G4 Airport Extreme does not see any SSID

Hi, My iBook 1,2 Ghz has been working great for several years now. I am working with Mac OS X Tiger (10.4.11) for quite some time and it never let me down. I connect to the internet using an Airport Express connected to a speedtouch router. The Airpo

How do I open the same ports on an Airport Extreme Base Station for multiple computers at the same time?

As the title suggests... I have a mix of five Mac and PC's at home using an Airport Extreme Base Station as the router.   I need many ports opened on the AEBS for all of the computers- not just one computer.  (for example: three people want to play T

How to configure Airport Extreme AFP disk sharing to host multiple users' home-directories (Lion, using autofs)

I have this working, but only by completely bypassing access control, using guest access with read+write permissions. Do I need to buy Lion Server, to do this. All my past unix/linux experience says Lion Server should _not_ be necessary. This seems l

Can multiple devices access drives connected to Airport extreme at the same time?

i have a few days to decide before someone gets me either an airport extreme or a decent NAS adapater to using with my existing airport express, from the US. my airport express serves me good for all my networking needs but i have decided to take my

Multiple devices no longer work with Airport Extreme

I can't get multiple devices to work with my Airport Extreme any longer. Normally, I have 4 wireless devices with my Airport Extreme: MacBook Pro, iPhone 5, Sony Wireless Blu-Ray Player, and Windows Laptop. On a daily basis, I use the MacBook Pro and

Accessing multiple macs with ARD from remote location with Airport Extreme

We have an office with a newer Airport Extreme and three macs on the network. We have turned on the Apple Remote Desktop in the port forwarding, but we can only access one computer at a time, and only if we port map it to the local IP of that compute

Airport Extreme + airport express - problem outputting to multiple speakers

Hello, I have set up my airport express by joining my existing Airport Extreme base station wireless network. When I play my music in iTunes, I am able to select either the Computer or Airtunes for the output in the drop down box in the lower right o

Best option for multiple Airport Extreme base station setup

I'm looking for the best way to setup my wireless network at home. I have a fairly large two story home with some ethernet cable run to various rooms upstairs and downstairs. Basically I was thinking if I could use some of the wired connections in my

One Wireless network, Multiple Airport Extremes

What I would like to do is set up a single network SSID using lets say 4 Airport Extremes (5th gen) in an office environment. All of these Airports would have direct ethernet connections to the switch. Is this possible with the 802.11n spec and the n

Multiple Airport Express without Airport Extreme

Is it possible to have multiple Airport Expresses on a network without the router being an Airport Extreme? I have a Buffalo router and can't get more than on Airport Express to be recognized. Is this possible?The Express must be configured to "join

Multiple airport Extremes and RADIUS

I've got a rather large network of Airport Extreme Base stations.  7 to be exact.  Currently they're authenticated via WPA.  I'd like to upgrade them to use the RADIUS service in OS X Server.  (fully up to date) Can someone who has set this up in pra

Windows XP cannot see Airport Extreme SSID

I just bought a new Airport Extreme Base Station and connected it to my home router. My iMc was connected in minutes. But I am having a lot of trouble connecting my wife's Dell PC (XP SP2) using a Dell 1450 Wireless USB adapter (a/b/g). I have tried

Can multiple Airport Expresses be connected via ethernet to an Airport Extreme to extend a single WiFi Network?

I am a big fan of both the Airport Extreme and Airport Express.  In my work environment, I need to create a good quality single wireless network around 2 large aircraft hangars and some offices at the perimeters.  We have a good quality wired Cat5e e

Set the Airport Extreme to not broadcast the SSID

Set the Airport Extreme to not broadcast the SSID"Hiding" the SSID will do nothing to protect you from hackers.....and anyone else who wants to see your network, since there a numerous free utilities on the Internet that will reveal your network

Opening multiple ports on Airport Extreme

I need to open multiple ports on an Airport Extreme to allow for ftps service (about 500 ports). In port forwarding, it appears that I would have to enter 500 entries to do that (e.g. port 4001, 4002, 4003 etc.) Sounds wacky. In other routers (or lin

Fios+Moch+Multiple Airport Extreme/Express Units

I currently have the following setup: - Verizon Fios Router (actiontec). Wifi is on but rarely use the SSID.  - Airport Extreme connected via ethernet to Fios Router which broadcasts to other aiprort expresses in my apt.  Setup to "create wireless ne

Connect to one SSID, broadcast as another SSID, via AirPort Extreme?

I have an AirPort Extreme (5th Gen), and been struggling for a couple of hours to setup a network without access to a traditional LAN/Ethernet-cable. All I have is a decent wifi-signal, which I have access too, and allowed to use as much as I want. U

Airport Extreme (2011) & Lion: disable SSID?

I have an Airport Extreme (2011) with a wired connection to my 2011 iMac which is running Lion 10.7.2 I am also running Windows 7 via Boot Camp (boo, hiss) but I do not seem to have any utilities to control this device through Windows. Is it possible