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Apogee Mini-Me Routing Issues

I have the Apogee Mini-Me audio interface with a ton of cables running everywhere (not to mention having to get behind the Apogee whenever changing inputs). I'm running Logic 8 on an iMac. I'm short on _space and money_ and was wondering what the bes

How do i monitor/output digital/analogue audio while editing?

I just switched to the mac pro and am learning FCP. Now i am forced to monitor audio output through my headphones. I want to tie the audio into my studio monitors and also be able to send optical audio in to the mac pro from my main mixer, a Mackie 1

MACPRO: Is there an interface that uses DIGITAL AUDIO IN?

I just got my new MacPro (woohoo!) and was getting ready to replace my 'ol tube preamp-to-soundcard configuration with a FW input box... when I realized I only have ONE of each FW port! I already have my USBs overpopulated, and my FW800 daisy-chainin

M- Audio 1814 Ouput Question

Hello there, I have M-audio 1814 and apogee mini-me. I cant´see 1814 in my preferences window. In Audio Driver section, there is only built- in audio and apogee mini-me. I use also logic pro 8 and there it works fine. Any ideas? -Janne-Hi, I used to

Optical out weird problem

Hi, i've a really weird problem on my mbp audio out. Apparently the optical out seems to go in "sleep" mode in less than a second of inactivity, turning off the speakers which takes like a second to turn on. The result is that any short, silent-

My soundcard is dropping out as I make changes in the volume line

Can anybody tell me what to do? I work in Soundtrack Pro with an Apogee mini-me or M-box as soundcard. If I make changes in the volume-line after a while the soundcard is dropping out and no more sound is coming also when I try to change the system s

Motu828mkii s/pdif Outputs Not Working, Not selectable in WB/STP

I purchased the apogee mini DAC and have hooked it up to my Motu828KMII via the spdif outputs. Logic, itunes and quicktime all have no problem playing back thru the spdif outsputs. Waveburner seems to only be able to play thru the main analog outputs

Macbook pro with external monitor problem?

i notice after turning everything on, using an external mouse and monitor, and then CLOSING the macbook pro, logic crashes alot. If I leave the macbook pro open, no crashes. anyone having this problem? no big deal, but it would be nice to be able to

Best Audio Interface for Macbook Pro

Hey I'm looking into getting a new Macbook and wondering what the best option for portable audio interfaces is... I know RME has a PCI card that might be able to work... I'd like to avoid using the firewire bus because I'd like to use FW drives fairl

Number of audio tracks

Hi everyone. I'm using Core Audio Mac Os X with and apogee mini me. I've changed the number of audio tracks from 40 to 50 in my audio configuration window but when I try to create a new track after no. 40 by SHift Ctrl Return as normal: No New Track!

Pro Tools or Logic

I'm not writing this thread to start a war, its just that I'm having a very hard time deciding between Pro Tools or Logic. I would eventually like to use both, but I can only afford to go with one right now and I really only want to focus my attentio

How to **dramatically** improve mix clarity!!!!

Simple answer: M I X - O U T - O F - T H E - B O X ! ! ! ! ! ! You need: 1) an audio interface with multiple outputs (at least 8) 2) an analog mixing device: a Dangerous Music 2Bus is great, but also your dusty Mackie 16:2 will do the job. Switch off

Problem recording narration with external audio converter

I am recording a narration in iMovie using a nice studio quality mic plugged into an external mic pre/ AD converter.The converter (Apogee Mini-Me) is connected to my macbook pro via USB. I am able to select my mic pre in Preferences/Sound, no problem

Do I need an interface and what exactly is a preamp?

I do a lot of recording with GB. I own and have used the Presonus Firepod and the Tascam US-122 for past projects. But I am wondering if there are any other options as far as getting a strong audio signal into my computer. Lately I have been just plu

Is $10,000 enough???

Ok, so I figure it will be around 10K to get me nicely set up..a little more if needed.. So if you were me and you had 10k to spend on getting yourself set up from scratch what would you be looking at?? I will be mosty producing from inside the box n

How to get sound into MBP?

Hi! I wonder if somebody knows what cable I need to get sound into my MBP? I know it is digital so what device do I need? I have an Apogee Mini Me device with spdif out but it's not the same kontakt. Any ideas? PeterOk, thank's! I own one of these:ht

May I borrow a genius to ask a digital vs. analogue question re: Airport Ex

I have submitted this question a few times on the Airport Express board. But no one answers. It might be too 'advanced' for there? Can someone answer it here?: "When the signal from iTunes reaches the Airport Express is it still digital or is it anal

No sound from Apogee Jam with iPad mini and Lightning-30 pin adapter

Hello everybody. I'm trying to use my Apogee Jam with iPad mini but I am unable to hear any sound from it. Jam seems to work, since the led become green and react to the guitar signal. I tried two different guitars and different cables but nothing ch

MacBook Pro, Apogee Interface, Mac mini nodes

I'm thinking that this set up might be the future of Logic for me. It sould seem to allow for plenty of power and expandability, high quality audio and incredible portability. Has anyone started working this way?If you are speaking of the Ensemble as

Apogee duet - no sound - mac mini server OSX 10.9

Hi all posts relating to my query are very old so I pray someone can help with an updated solution. I purachsed an Apogee DUET FIREWIRE to work with ABLETON LIVE 9 on my MAC MINI 2011 i7 16gb runing OSX 10.9.5 (ok - so i can see alreday that I am not