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Displaying the contents of an array of objects

Hello All, My Java teacher gave us a challenge and I'm stumped. The teacher wants us to display the contents of the array in the main menthod. The original code is as follows: public class TestObjects      public static void main ( String args[] )   

How to pass a array of object to oracle procedure using callable

Hi, I am calling a oracle stored procedure using callable statement which has IN and OUT parameter of same type. IN and OUT are array of objects. (ie) IN parameter as Array of Objects and OUT parameter as Array of Objects here are the steps i have do

Property List error: Unexpected character b at line 1 / JSON error: JSON text did not start with array or object and option to allow fragments not set.

Hi, I have a MBP 13' Late 2011 and Yosemite 10.10.2 (14C1514). Until yesterday, I was using Garmin ConnectIQ SDK and all was working fine. Yesterday, I've updated my system with latest security updates and Xcode updates too (Version 6.2 (6C131e)). Si

Reading a CSV file and producing an array of objects

Hi everybody, I am writing an application which will read a cvs file and produce an array of objects. Can any body help me to solve this problem? Thanks FinnyHello, Have you tried this link? http://ostermiller.org/utils/CSV.htmlRead other 2 answers

How to pass array of Object in A Procedure using OCCI.......

I m also trying for How to pass Object to a procedureb using OCCI... Steps.... 1. I created A type..... 2. Then I created a VARRAY using that Type. 3.After that I have written An Procedure with object as a parameter.. now using OCCI how do u bind the

Array of Object

How to create array of object dynamically and the class is also having constructor. like: class Cir{ private double radius; Cir(double r){ redius=r; 10 objects are to be created within for loopCir c[]=new Cir[10] for(int i=0;i<10;i++) c [ i ] =new Ci

Array of objects.....different syntax !!

Both are Array of objects......... Object[] array  = new Object[2];         array[0] = new Long( 1 );         array[1] = new String( "My string" );Another code......... private Color colors[] =          { Color.black, Color.blue, Color.cyan, Col

Array of Object Refs

I am doing exercises in a book (a couple books) to learn Java. I am a procedural pgmr and want to learn Java. Question 3 in Chapter 4 says: Create an array of object references of the class you created in Exercise 2, but don't actually create objects

Calling a Procedure which has Array of Objects as arguments (from BPEL)

Hi, I wanted to pass multiple records as arguments to a stored procedure from BPEL. We created stored procedure which takes array of Objects as arguments. I invoked it from BPEL. It was successfully compiled and deployed. At runtime it is throwing fo

Placing an array of objects onto stage

I am trying to place an array of objects onto a stage where they drop vertically. I have been able to do it by placing the array objects into an object called "bag" but have found that the bag object only contains the last array object id so I c

Creating a generic class with a constructor that takes an array of objects

I am relatively new to java and want to build a quick utility class that can generate a Run Length Encoding of any object. The idea is to take an array of objects of type "O" and then encode a string of objects that are "equal" to each

How to list an array of objects using struts in jsp and ActionForm

I am using the struts ActionForm and need to know how to display an Array of objects. I am assuming it would look like this in the ActionForm: private AddRmvParts addRmv[]; But I am not sure how the getter and setter in the ActionForm should look. Sh

Thread use to find max and min in an array of objects??

Hello everyone, I need to find the min and max int value in a array of Objects. This has to be done using threads--like divide the entire array into 10 or so blocks and find the local min and max in each block., Each block is run on a thread and fina

Check this out: making a copy of an array of objects

I have an array of objects called Figs of type Figure and I am making a copy of this array called OriginalFigs so later when Figs change, I can use the original values stored in OriginalFigs. But I found out that when values in Figs change, values in

Printing a listing from an array of objects

I know I'm missing something simple here but for the life of me I can't spot it. The code below should print a list of student names to the screen. At the moment it only prints the last name entered into the array. I will kick myself when I see the a

Turning a resultset into an array of objects.

First I will give some background on the situation... I have a table in which has many lines of data. Each line of data has a boolean (for a jcheckbox) we will call that "A" and then a bunch of other attributes that are related...we will call th

Feeding an Array of Objects returned from a remote object using AMFPHP Remote procedure calls.

Hi guys, I am working on an AIR Application that Uses Flex and AMFPHP remoting, The returned data type is an array of objects containing a sting an a url to an image on the server, How do bind this to a tilelist so i have a list with images represent

Passing an array of objects to a named query

I'm trying to use a named query that will have a in() expression operator (clause) to retrieve a set of objects. The in() operator requires an array of objects to pass in. Specifically I want to pass an array of BigDecimal of unknown size. The query

Passing an array of objects to a method.

Hi I'm building a program to act as a CD Collection Database. An array of objects represents the entries: Artist, Album and NUmber of Tracks. What I want to do is in the Menu, user to choose wether he or she wants to Add new CD to collection, print o

Deserialize an array of objects from a web service

Hi, I'm calling a webservice method which returns an array of objects (let's say classes called MyClass). I now want to define a class in actionscript called MyClass which matches the properties of the class defined in the web service (written in .NE