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Facebook inbox notifications are no longer showing with new OS 4.5

Hi all: I have a Curve 8310 with ATT. Just downloaded the new os 4.5 and got the facebook reinstalled so that I can see the icon. However, now when I get messages through my facebook inbox, notifications no longer appear on the home screen. On fact,

GRC 10 Work Inbox Notification or Universal Work List instead of SMTP

Hi, I wanted to check with you all if there is a possibility to get SAP internal Work Inbox or UWL notification instead of outlook/SMTP notification. The scenarios this will be required for us are 1. User ID details communication at the end of the re

E71-1 - No inbox/notification in active standby

In the past days I have tried to configure any kind of information about my primary email account for the active standby/home screen. The email account works fine (imap-idle account), receiving emails works fine, but other than the @-symbol in the to

GRC PC inbox notifications that do not allow action. How do you clear these notifications?

Hello, I have two GRC notifications sitting in a users GRC Process Control work inbox that do not allow action to be taken to clear the instances. The action buttons are unselectable, yet the error message indicates an action must be selected before

Email / Inbox Notifications

Hi everybody, Got a little challanging problem here. The email connectivity is properly setup in our portal and KM is sending notification emails on all subscribed events etc. However, i'm wondering if the following can be achieved : KM Sending email

Mail Unread Inbox notifications problem

Hello, On Mail, I have 4 different Google IMAP accounts. Everything worked fine so far, but since yesterday, for 2 accounts, I no longer have the Unread notification appearing next to the Inbox name. When I go into the inbox, the new email is here, m

Inbox Notifications

When a workflow message arrives in the Inbox a "pop up" message appears on the screen informing the User of un-actioned work items.  Which is fine when working in ESS or R/3 as you can press the green tick and continue working.  However, in MSS

Unable to clear inbox notification

I've got a message/shared playlist in my inbox that I can't get Spotify to mark as read or block A bunch of JS issues arrise when I try and block the user (the Hermes failed calls are attempts to block the user) (screenshot attached) The inbox count

Mysterious email inbox notification

One of these had popped up on my ipad and i phone.....not on macbook pro i may add I have turned devices off and on I have reset I have rebuilt mailboxes I have deleted and then re introduced accounts I have read some of the technical replys but they

Multiple inbox support in notifications?

I'm in need of some help- just got 10.8 running on my Mac, but I'm not quite understanding how to set up multiple inbox notifications for it. EG- I've got my regular inbox for gMal, and then I have a label set to filter out messages from certain peop

Regarding Autoforwarding of Notifications from SAP Inbox to Externam Mail ids

Hi Experts,    In Our Project we are forwarding SAP INBOX Notifications to External email ids using    below settings from SBWP . SBWP->Settings->Office Settings. Here in the Automatic Forwarding Tab we are maintaing the Emaid Adresses . With this s

Strange behavior of email notification: where is the log?

Hi, The email notifications have a strange behavior in our productive system. When the system process whatever subscription only the firsts four notification are sent by email even thought  all the inbox notifications are sent. I checked the mail ser

Rejection Workitem/Notification for SC in BRF Workflow

Hi Gurus, SRM 7.0 I have successfully defined a custom 3 level approval for Shopping Cart. However I do not see a workitem nor an SAP inbox notification back to the creator when the SC is rejected. Recipients of notification are defined in IMG ( Busi

Message notification in unity 5.0

Hi, This is vikram.I need some help for configuration of message notification in Cisco unity 5.0. My observation is if I leave VM for a user and the message notification is set to repeat or restart it delivers message immidiately. 1-Notification is e

High priority notification without pop up

Is there any way in workflow to send a high priority email notification to agent without the pop-up?thanks for the reply Viji I've done exactly as you guided but still in MSS inbox the notification is coming with Normal priority. Although when I chec

Notifications won't clear

It's been that way most of the evening for me, I just finally got around to posting it. I salute you for a superior post however for including a screen shot.As of this evening, I'm stuck at 4 notifications.  They refuse to clear.  Even if I open up a

SCCM 2012 SP1 | Database Replication Failing on from Child to Parent

I am having a very urgent issue. The symptom manifested itself as an inability to distribute content (this months software update package) to a secondary site server with DP role.  As we dived into it we see that the replication links are dead with "

SQL errors in SMS_STATE_SYSTEM - Trying to write NULL values to PropertyLocale

Hi! We are getting a lot of the following error in the SMS_STATE_SYSTEM: Microsoft SQL Server reported SQL message 515, severity 16: [23000][515][Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'PropertyL

Most recent FACEBOOK application is pretty terrible...

you guys need to get a proper FB application.....copy the type the iPhone uses...because this one is full of errors (notifications are annoying and don't work 50% of the time), there is no inbox notification....and the whole thing is clunky and slow.

Calendar: iPhone calendar syncing between Gmail and Yahoo! Apple ID

Having a problem with sharing calendars between two iPhones (5C to 5S). My wife shares her calendar with a business partner, and they both shared a calendar on their previous iPhones (both 4S).  When they up upgraded their phones to 5 (my wife has a