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Pops, latency, distortion. Can't record more than 2 secs. Audio interface?

As near as I can tell, all my software is up to date, I have the latest drivers for my audio interface, and Garageband has basically stopped working. Firstly, whenever I start Garageband the first time, I get latency that is as much as a second or mo

Lowest latency Firewire audio interface for Logic... which should I choose?

Hi Guys, I'm about to replace my trusty Yamaha n12 with a dedicated firewire audio interface. My main requirement is super-low latency for running BFD and other virtual instruments, along with monitoring through Logic directly sometimes (to add effec

USB Audio Interface with bad latency problems under bootcamp

Hi everyone, I am currently running an Edirol UA-25 USB audio interface under Mac OS X for my normal music-listening needs. Everything works fine, and there is next to no latency when messing around in Garageband . However, when I switch into bootcam

'Invisible' latency problem with Tascam US-122 mkii audio interface

Firstly, thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer, secondly I'm very new to Logic and troubleshooting DAWs, and thirdly this sort of thing is really difficult to describe. So, here goes: I'm using a late 2007 macbook with a 2.2Ghz intel core 2

Low latency audio interface, firewire or usb? and wich one would u recommend?

Low latency audio interface, firewire or usb? and wich one would u recommend?Around 600, only need 2 xlr inputs.Read other 3 answers

Audio latency: USB vs. Firewire audio interfaces

I would like to find out when latency can be an issue with audio interfaces and how much of a difference USB 1.1 vs. USB 2 vs. Firewire can make. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!Symon wrote: My current Lacie Rugged drive has reached capacity as a

Recommendations for audio interface with new mac pro to avoid latency?

Hi friends, I have a new Mac Pro on order for editing video in FCPX, but Presonus says my older Presonus Firebox won't work with Mavericks and the new Mac Pro. Do you have a recommendation for a replacement? I only use the interface to drive 2 powere

R24 (Audio Interface) on LP9-Latency vs Distorted Input

Hi All, I just hooked up my R24 on Logic Pro 9 as Audio Interface & Surface Controller. No matter how I try to play around the I/O Buffer Size, sound just not right! I/O Buffer Size from 32samples to 256samples - Sound (Guitar) is just perfect, BUT,

Windows 7 no longer recognizes or allows ASIO drivers for my usb audio interfaces

Hello All, last year I purchased a new version of Propellerheads Reason and the  Balance digital audio interface that came with the bundle. Everything was fine it all worked well, especially when I added asio4all drivers. (The Balance comes with its

? on Using which format of Audio Interface with a Imac i3

Hi, I have been reading and reading about this topic. My (R.I.P.) eMac has been replaced by a very nice and fast Intel i3 Imac with FW800 and plenty of USB 2.0 and SP/Dif (even) Fortunately most all of any music gear that needed driver or firmware up

Protools 8 compatibli​ty with Windows Vista and which proper audio interface?

O K i have a compaq presario pc notebook with a cpu of 2.16 ghz and 160 gb(?) hard drive with 32 bit w/ Window Vista service pack 1. I've done a little research and it seems my computer may be compatible but i'm not sure  Is ne one using pt 8 with wi

Hard-drive and audio interface set-up - Advice please

Hello, Please offer me some advice if you can. I have the new 13" macbook pro 2.26Ghz with Logic Studio. I am going to get a hard-drive that has both usb and firewire 800 interfaces and need to decide whether to get a usb or firewire audio interface.

Setting External Audio Interface as default output

Hi. I have a MacBook Pro running Mountain Lion 1.8.5 with the following audio output options: Built-In Output MOTU UltraLite Audio Interface Bluetooth speaker. I have the UltraLite setup as my default  for "Use this device for sound output" and

What is the best audio interface to buy to record drums?

What is the best audio interface to buy to record drums?  Looking for something with 8 inputs to mic my drum kit.  Don't want to go past $1,000.  Been looking at the Presonus Firestudio and M-Audio Profire 2626, for example.  This is my first time se

What is the best audio interface?

Hi, I want an audio interface for around £100 to allow me to record vocals and guitar into my macbook pro. I was wondering if anyone on this forum would be able to help me decide which is best (latency/quality) etc. So far, i've found these two which

Audio interfaces that work well or poorly with Logic

I know asking what everyone thinks is the best audio interface for Logic (Express or Pro - I currently have Express 8) is highly subjective. What I want to know is if anyone feels that certain interfaces work particularly well or particularly poorly

Need advice on an Audio Interface for guitar, bass and vocals

I have a G4 Dual Processor 500. For now I'm using a Griffin 1/4" to 1/8" adapter cable. I plug one end into my guitar and the other into my Microphone jack on the back of my computer. I even tried using a splitter to share my microphone port. Th

Connecting external audio interfaces?! Issues, help needed!

Ok well basically i'v always used a pc to do music using cubase and a variety of hardware including a steinberg mi4 external audio interface connected via usb. Now on my pc which is actually less powerful than my new macbook (the 2.2ghz model) the in

Midi controller / audio interface

hi - After years of working with Cubase on a PC, i have become a brand new mac convert and have just invested in a macbook pro with logic express. I am looking for recommendations for getting midi in & out of the computer as well as a good audio inte

Help with M-Audio interface and GB

First time with any kind of audio interface and GB. I just got a M-Audio Mobile Pre USB and am a little confused by the monitor settings. Been to the web site and read the manual and they said turn the monitoring off in garageband so I don't hear dou