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How to Delete a Specific Cell in a Matrix + plz Give sample code for Lost F

hello there !!!! i m in Great Trouble please help me out.. i have to search for a specific Column n then i have to validate that portion, similarly after validating i have to add update delete all the fuction apply... so please help me i m very upset

Error while running a sample code

Hello, I 'm getting the following error while i'm trying to run a sample code which I have imported into Flex 3. =================================================================== Severity and Description Path Resource Location Creation Time Id unab

Sample code for routine

Hi all, This is what I want to achieve. I have an attribute for an IO, but the values for that has to be decided at the transfer structure level. I want to write a routine in the transfer rules to populate the field. I have another field that gets po

Routine sample code for reading 2 fields from existing DSO

Hi Gurus,              I am a monkey when it comes to write ABAP code. I have one DSO-A where we store accounting info of purchading (from DS 2lis_02_acc) and one DSO-B getting data from 2lis_02_scl data source. We need to write a rountine to read DS

Sample Code for CRM enhancement in BADI

hi,   can anybody please give me sample code for BADI for CRM enhancement. i have added couple of z field in a extract structure. now i have to write code in BADI to populate those fields. please do not send code for user exit. Regards SubrataHi Avir

Need sample code to get handle of Selected rows from ADF Table

Hi, I am new to ADF. I have an ADF table based on VO object.On some button action,I need to get handle of selected rows in application module. If anybody is having sample code to do this then please share with me. Thanks, ashokwow now link http://blo

How to create a database for sample code from Tutorial/Book?

I want to try out the sample code from [http://shop.oreilly.com/product/0636920013471.do] for the book SQL Pocket Guide 3rd Ed. I have downloaded the oracle vm/appliance for oracle 11g2 and I have started sqlplus as sysdba. I'm feeling overwhelmed wi

Report Engine SDK sample code questions

Hello, I've been able to view a boxi report in an iframe via the Enterprise SDK by modifying the sample code in the HowToViewWebiReports_VB example. I'm not totally happy with the way that's working, so I'm looking at using the Report Engine SDK, alt

How to create the Sap script & Layout Set (wants sample code)

Hi All , Can you please provide me the step by step procedure to create the Sap script & Layout Set .(please provide sample code/links /docs for layout & print program). Regards Rahulhi, go through the following links  what i found to create sap s

Customer  Open Interface sample code?

Hi I am trying to import some data (customers) from a legacy system into oracle. I would like to use the oracle customer open interface but can anyone please give me some sample code how they did the import? Thank you alphaHi I am trying to import so

Simple sample code to display a Crystal Report from Crystal Enterprise?

I am looking for a sample application that will "simply" view a report stored on our Crystal Enterprise server. I have looked at "boesdk_net_samples_12.zip", but that isn't really what I am looking for. And, the "CrystalReportView

How to print a report on local/network printer(Sample Code)

Hi forms Gurus, I'm looking for sample code witch allow to print report on local/network printer from Forms builder. Plz help! it's very important. TYAG.Armand, for Forms and Reports 9i, the only chance is to configure the printer as a network printe

A sample code to check records of a system table?

hi ABAP4 experts, We are pretty new at ABAP4.  We would be appreciated if you can provide a sample code to check how many records and calculate a total amount for a specific field, e.g., DMBTR in a system table, e.g., BSEG.  Note: there is no any sel

Error while compiling CS5.5 sample code

Hi, I have just started on using InDesign CS5.5. I am trying to compile the sample code on Windows 7 and with Visual Studio 2008. On compilation it is giving me an error of SDKLib.sdk.lib "LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file '..\..\..\

Badi ME_PROCESS_REQ_CUST Sample Code required for changing the values

Dear Friends, I am new to the Badi technology. We would like to populate/change the standard field values, (Purchasing group) during Purchase Requisition creation/change. Method --> PROCESS_ITEM. I tried the following code, but system blnaks out all

Need sample code with RV_INVOICE_CREATE used

Hi everybody! I need sample code with RV_INVOICE_CREATE or similar FMs used. The thing is that I do not know how to populate parametres of this and other invoicing FMs.... For example, there are some tables to be passed to RV_INVOICE_CREATE      TABL

Sample code for creation of contact

Creation of contact using the java api does not work as it should for me. I think i dont have the correct format for the vcard will someone help me with this!! A sample code example will be very helpfull§. I am using calander version 9.0.4. any addit

Sample code on how to populate data in DropDownListbox

Hi all i am new to the webdynpro for java. i have one UI element called DropDownListBox and i want to populate some desired values to the dropdown list box. what are the different ways are there to populate data in DropDownList box. for example i hav

What does it take to run OTN sample code?

Do I have to install some kind of developers tool kit in order to compile and run the OTN and Oracle-install related sample code? Also, I noticed that OTN only has toolkits for Oracle 9i, and nothing for Oracle 8i. Is Oracle abandoning 8i? Lots of us

Sample code to connect LDAP server using jndi

Hi, can any one help me with sample code to connect LDAP server using jndi, like i want to make use of Ldap server for serching Active directoty. Thanks in advance, Regards MuthuYou can set ldap_auth=none for anonymous user. User/password is mandator