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Issue with SharePoint foundation 2010 to use Claims Based Auth with Certificate authentication method with ADFS 2.0

I would love some help with this issue.  I have configured my SharePoint foundation 2010 site to use Claims Based Auth with Certificate authentication method with ADFS 2.0  I have a test account set up with lab.acme.com to use the ACS. When I log int

Authentication failed because Outlook doesn't support any of the available authentication methods.

When attempting to check and send email from my Mac via iCloud, I keep getting the error "Authentication failed because Outlook doesn't support any of the available authentication methods." I have change just about everything I can see available

Authentication method for JCo connection in XSS installation

Hi All, I have a query which perplexes me.  I am implementing XSS (ESS/MSS) on SAP Portal EP6 SR1 with an ECC5 backend for prototype purposes. When I follow SAP's help steps to setup JCo connections, it states that for the metadata connection you sho

NPS Authentication Methods - EAP Types

We are moving from IAS to NPS and are configuring the policy like it was in IAS.  When we click on the Constraints tab > Authentication Methods > and then highlight Microsoft: Protected EAP (PEAP) and click Edit we get an error "The data is inv

Cisco ISE multiple EAP authentication methods question

With Cisco ISE can you have various clients each using different EAP methods, such as PEAP for Windows machines, MD5 for legacy and TLS for others? My current efforts seem to fail as if a device gets a request from the ISE for an EAP method it doesnt

User Authentication Method not found?

I'm using OSX but a co-worker is running 9.2.2 and is having trouble accessing a server on the corporate Microsoft network. I can get to the server using OSX but when she selects the server (which does show up in the Chooser list) she gets an error m

ASA to ACS: how to distinguish different authentication methods?

I have SSL VPN Clients connecting to an ASA 5520 using RADIUS to a backend Cisco ACS. I want to support two authentication options for the clients. The first is a certificate combined with an Active Directory username & password. The second is a toke

OAM - Authorization based on the authentication method

We are using OAM 10g for a customer to protect a large number of web application. In order to access those applications a user can chose from several authentication methods (e.g. client certificate, SecureId and mobile TAN). All applications use the

Wireless Security & Authentication methods

Hi, I've some experience on WLAN Networks, but I would like to have your opinion around Wireless Security implemenations. We have several sites where we have some Cisco Access points running IOS. We are currently doing WEP 128b, with Mac-Authenticati

None of the available endpoints supports authentication methods user/pass

Dear All i  create a destination in the ce7.1.but when i  test the destination in the ws navigator  ,but it cant not run ,  the error is: The destination [YHSendMessage02] supports the following authentication methods [User Name/Password (Basic)], bu

None of the authentication methods supported by this client are supported by your server.

Dear Exchange Admin We have implemented exchange server . MAPI profile configuration in outlook is working fine.but when we try to configure POP3 in outlook ,without SMTP authentication it is fine. But when we enable SMTP authentication ,it is gettin

No option to change "Incoming server authentication method" to None on iPhone 6?

I just upgraded to an iPhone 6 and did a restore from my 5......   Problem is my pop e-mail account won't connect....  It still connects on both my iPad and iPhone 5, both of which are iOS 8.  The only setting that differs between the two that work a

NK5 AAA multiple authentication methods??

It looks Nexus support only one type of authentication at same time aaa authentication login default group radius Doest it mean we  cannot chain various types authentication like aaa authentication login default group radius group tacasc+ none Is the

2011 outlook gives the following error: "Authentication failed because Outlook doesn't support any of the available authentication methods."

Upgraded my computer to 10.9.2 Mavericks and now my 2011 outlook gives the following error: "Authentication failed because Outlook doesn't support any of the available authentication methods."  Anybody know how to fix it?  Thank you.I got the fo

Custom authentication methods

During the deployment of web application, you use the deployment descriptor to "tell" the browser how to retrieve user information. Therefor the <auth-method> is specified. Normally you use something like BASIC or FORM authentication. Is t

The User Authentication Methode required by this server can't be found.

Ok, I have a network of iMacs that are bound to OS X Server and the users log in with network based user folders via Kerberos and Open Directory. This is all working just fine, and all iMac users have full access to all sheared volumes as per the ACL

SAP Authentication Method Missing

Dear Experts, I have been having this problem for sometime. I have redone the whole work again just to make sure I'm not missing anything. Any help is appreciated. I'm on BO XI R2, with Tomcat 5.0,27, Windows 2003 environment, Java connector 2.1.8, I

Cisco ACS v4.1 - User Export incl. Authentication Method

Hi, I wish to export a list of all our users, to include their group and more importantly, their password authentication method. We have a combination users that authenticate using both ACS internal database and also external RSA Secure ID database.

Rv220w IPsec supported authentication methods

Hi, can somebody pls explain me, how works the "RSA-Signature" authentication method on rv220w? Because when I want to use "Hybrid RSA" or "Hybrid mode" in my vpn client, Cisco replies "[IKE] ERROR:  invalid auth method

VDI and other authentication methods

hello, I want to set VDI 3 and i know you need AD/LDAP for a production environment. I was wondering if in any way there is/(will be) an open framework for other authentication methods, for instance like HESIOD? thanks Michael.Since you disabled "cle