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Buy stocks on OTC Market

Hi people, we are implementing Transaction Management in Treasury. My client's requirement on following: They have  agreement when they buy stocks on OTC market. Step 1:  I make collateral to vendor Dr: Collateral Cr: Cash or Bank clearing account St

MacBook Air 2011 - Best Buy stocking them

I was in a Naples store this morning to buy one but they did not have them in stock yet. Anyone know when they will be available at a store?dont know they were on the website yesterday but now their notRead other 2 answers

What is my maine browser closed, i am in fire fox open site in td water house, want to buy stock,tells me your maine browser closed, how can i fix it

I like to open my main browser in f.fox. i am in td waterhouse stock site ,need to by stock does not allow me .it said you close main browser.how can i fix it.i have win7.os and f.fox browserAccording to their support page, Firefox is supported: [htt

Major publishing problems!!! Buy stock in Kleenex!

I searched and couldn't find-- sorry if it's already here somewhere. Been struggling for HOURS to publish our iWeb website (for 1st time) for all to see. Am ready to bawl. I thought t his was supposed to be easier than FrontPage..... Ok, I used Filez

Bawsaq Stock Market - Dealing in Lifes Ups and Downs.

NoUnion14 wrote: I missed the opportuny, but i dont think that one wil recover with the CEO's brains still being scraped off the stage. The next one however (debonair)  jumped over 50%, u need to buy the stock of the opposite company these action mig

Error 1402 HELP

Thank you first for reading my post. I have read over the fourms for a few days now before posting. I would like to list some facts about my system and myself. I am very computer savy and I own and built this computer. I don't buy stock computers I h

Automatic account postings (for Intercompany Purchase order and Sales order

Hi all, I need some help related to the automatic account postings (for Intercompany Purchase order and Sales order)which i can set for the follwoing scenarios. I have looked on the forms and searched alot but not able to a single solution to solve b

How can we handle for canceling the deal in XTR

Hi gurus, how do you cancel or void the deal in XTR? I found the following documents that is mentioned that current XTR does not have any functions about canceling and voiding. - Bug:3380134 POSCO: POSSIBILITY TO CANCEL AFTER BUYING STOCK AND BONDS -

IDVD burning problem

I burned a DVD off of iDVD using a Memorex DVD+R. It burned successfully and then I inserted it into my Mac Mini, it spit it out, I inserted it into my Macbook Pro and it said I had inserted a blank disc. Does anyone know what the problem may be? The

Project System  for Construction of Apartments

Has  any  hands on  how the Project system works in construction of Apartments. If any body has, please share me their views how the leasing of the land should be done, how the  project should be structured, how the sales of the apartments have to be

RMAN backup with archivelog (pros/cons)

When performing a "backup database with archivelogs" where does rman store the info contained in the archive logs. If I do a backup like this do I still need to keep the archive logs out on disk? Does this increase time to do backups? I have som

How to invoke processes viw Web Services

I am trying to test out how we can create/call processes from external programs via Web Services. I have gone into Studio, I have created a Process called "Customer Call" in a "Process/Customer" Folder which has an id of "Customer

Market tracking calculations

I am starting a market strategy with $10,000.  Every week I may be selling or buying any or all of the stocks, but will never hold more than 5.  I would like to set up automated calculations.  The idea behind the strategy is that i originally invest

Upgrade to CS4 Prod. Premium - is it trouble free

There is probably a forum for CS4 Production Premium but I wanted to get the opinions of a few photoshop users who may have made this upgrade. I'm running Windows XP pro on P4 3.2gh processors with 2 gb Ram. I've been using Production studio of CS2 a

View All SQL That HAs Been Run On A Database

Hi, Is there any way to view all SQL that has been run on a database? Im looking for some sort of history if such thing exists. Cheers Pauluser12086523 wrote: Hi, Is there any way to view all SQL that has been run on a database? Im looking for some s

Discontinue indicator on the MRP4 screen.

Hi, I have "played" with the discontinue indicator on the MRP4 screen. It seems that this is only applicable for dependent requirements (BOM items). My situation is a trading scenario so buying, stocking and selling. I tried the following: creat

Good books for oracle

Hi Folks, please suggest good books and any links to learn oracle database adminstration. thanks, Mike.First read the 11.2 Concepts Guide http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/server.112/e25789/toc.htm (co-author is Tom Kyte one of best Oracle DB exper

Lumia 730 review

Hi there,           Its been 15days i have used my lumia 730. I had found some minor issues that can been resolved. Lumia 730 rocks.... 1. Amazing camera quality (front and rear). 2. After installing 86apps (76 in my SD card) in my lumia 730, it just

Not able to fetch data using Scenario

Hi I am working with Quincy Fund Demo. In that we have investorhome.jsp page, where we have following code to get the offer Advertisement data. <dsp:droplet name="/atg/targeting/TargetingFirst"> <dsp:param bean="/atg/registry/Slots

Safari Unexpected Quit and Tabbed Browing Removed

I have been using my Safari Browser OS10.4 Tiger and have always had tabbed browsing turned on. I had several tabs open to different sites. Without quitting Safari, I suddenly no longer had tabbed browsing. It was deselected, yet I did not deselect t