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C# Build XML Document in Code


Error while building xml document

Hi Everyone, I have a problem while building xml document. I have developed my java files using IBM Eclipse 3.0 and i had no problem while executing the files. But while i am trying to execute the same code in jdk/bin, xml document is not working.. N

Building XML document error

Hi. I am bulding a XML Document but i am getting this error: Error in building: Not logged in. Why? In my PC it works well, but when I try run on NT server I get the error. The class is very simple: import org.jdom.Document; import org.jdom.Element;

Build XML Document in Servlet use JSTL xml tags in JSP

Is it possible to build an XML document either org.w3c.dom.Document or preferably org.jdom.Document in a Servlet and pass it as a Bean or Bean property to a JSP and use it in the JSTL xml tags? If so how is it done? I don't want to write the document

How to extract the nodes of any given XML document ???

Hello, Greetings! It is an interesting forum. A Snippet of XML Schema PurchaseOrder.xsd as given in user guide is as follows <xs:schema xmlns:xs="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" xmlns:xdb="http://xmlns.oracle.com/xdb" version=&quo

[svn] 2847: add code coverage ability to asc build.xml ( clover jar and license required to run)

Revision: 2847 Author: [email protected] Date: 2008-08-14 15:06:10 -0700 (Thu, 14 Aug 2008) Log Message: add code coverage ability to asc build.xml (clover jar and license required to run) Modified Paths: flex/sdk/trunk/modules/asc/build/java/build.x

Build the delta from two xml documents

Hi, i look for a solution to solve the following problem: i want to build a xml-based interface to pass my data to a client(Web etc.) and i dont know in which way the client manipulates the data and what in the xml-document was changed, inserted or d

The XML document builds on itself when called twice. Help!!!

When I run the Sample program for the Oracle classgen for Java the XML document node repeats itself when called the second time. This is what I mean: import oracle.xml.classgen.*; import oracle.xml.parser.*; public class TestWidl static WIDL w1 = new

Heap space error while creating XML document from Resultset

I am getting Heap space error while creating XML document from Resultset. It was working fine from small result set object but when the size of resultset was more than 25,000, heap space error I am already using -Xms32m -Xmx1024m Is there a way to di

How to create an XML document from a String.

Can anyone help,      In the Microsoft XML Document DOM there is a load function load(string) which will create an XML document, but now we are switching to Java and I do not know how to create and XML document from a string, this string �xml documen

Can't get the DOM to output XML document tags in correct order.

I'm trying to output an XML document from the DOM using the DOMWriter class: new DOMWriter(document, filename, outputEncoding, encodingTag, getDocTypeString()); It refuses to output the tags in the correct order so my document always fails validation

Webservices: returning xml document to client

Can anyone please help me to the following problem. 1. I have a java bean which i publish as webservice. I want to return an xml document on request from client(for time being my client is normal java client). when i call getDoc() from client i get c

CDATA links in xml document

Hello all, I am trying to add an html link inside a parapgraph of text that is loaded through an xml document. I have done some research and it appears I need to set my actionscript to read the html. When I add the href in the text it reads literally

No default attributes while Parsing XML document

Hellow. I have such a problem: I have XML document that uses XSD-schema. In XSD-schema there is element that have two atributes: <xsd:complexType name = "El1">       <xsd:attribute name = "atr1" xsd:default = "0" typ

Could not retrieve attributes from XML document loaded in JDOM

Hi All, I am having difficulty reading and parsing the following XML City.xml document using Saxon parser and XPath: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional/ /EN" "http://www. w3.org/TR/ xhtml1/DTD/ xhtml1-transitio nal

XML Document object access problem?

Hi, I have created a servlet,which will call .sh file, which will call java application......... this java application is working as a search engine,which will do search in the XML document object...........This is working fine when only one user run

How to get the HTTP response body if the body is a malformed XML document

Hi, I am using HTTP service with resultFormat = "e4x" set. What i get in response is a malformed XML document in some cases. Usually HTTPService throws a FaultEvent with the fault detail set to faultCode:Client.CouldNotDecode faultString:'Error

Inserting an element into an XML document

I am simply looking insert a new element into an existing XML Document using JDOM. Here is my code so far: public class UserDocumentWriter {      private SAXBuilder builder;      private Document document;      private File file = new File("/path/to/

Converting string to xml Document object.

Hi all, I having a string consiste of xml data. I wants to convert this to an xml document object. When i am trying to do this i am getting fatal error Premature End of file. This is sample code from my program. String xmlStr = " <TravelItineraryA

Transmission of XML Documents in a vector via WebService using Axis

Hello, I'm trying to transmit several XML documents (belonging to a DICOM-Study) from WebService Provider to WebService consumer. This is my server/provider: public static Vector<Document> returnPatientStudies(String PatientID) DocumentBuilderFactor

How to map an large XML document to the XMLType with TopLink in JDev

Hello! We need to map an XML document in the Java String to an XMLType column. If the XML document has less than 4000 characters, we have no problems by using the DirectToField mapping. However, once the XML document has more than 4000 characters, us