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c# set focus to textbox on form load


Gmail reply doesn't focus on textbox in Safari 5

When I click on the textbox to reply a message in Gmail, the cursor is placed in the reply textbox but there's no focus so you can't type in. You have to click a second time in the textbox to get the real focus I'm with OSX 10.6.4/Safari 5wow, thanks

Focus on first item on the page

Allthough I have this setting activated for my login page and my first item is user name, the focus is set to password. Is there anything I forgot? Funny enough, on one of my other applications works right. Denes Kubicek     What is the difference be

No Open Directory master available and no Replica to load - Please help

Hi, I'm trying to set up OS X Server Mavericks on my Mac Mini (mid 2010). I've been following Todd Olthoff's tutorials on that up to the "Binding the clients to the server" point, when nothing happened on my screen and could not go on. At that m

Javascript - focus() on a hidden field/ bottom of the page

I want to focus the page on page load to the bottom of the page. is there a way i can auto focus it to the bottom of the page without using a input field. If not why cant you use a hidden field? <body onload="document.forms[0].lastElement.focus()&

How to move string index on TextBox?

When calling focus on TextBox, key input cursor is located at first index on string. TextBox.Focus(FocusState.Programmatic); i want to move the key input cursor at last index on string.That link is for WPF, not  for Windows Store apps. While the basi

Cant get Focus on textfield

Hi I have a class extending JFrame say "MainFrame" which consist of JSplitPane say "splitPaneA" splitPaneA has top and bottom component. TopComponent is another JsplitPane say "splitPaneA-B" splitPaneA-B consist of a Jpanel s

Fox news slideshows are not working in Vista Home 64 bit.

All fox news slideshows are not working since firefox 3.6 started. I can't get them to work in Internet explorer either. == URL of affected sites == http://Error: $.ad is undefined Source File: http://www.foxnews.com/static/all/js/slideshows-pack.js

WPF UI running in seperate runspace - able to set/get controls via synchronized hash table, but referencing the control via the hash table from within an event handler causes both runspaces to hang.

I am trying to build a proof of concept where a WPF form is hosted in a seperate runspace and updates are handled from the primary shell/runspace. I have had some success thanks to a great article by Boe Prox, but I am having an issue I wanted to ope

Some javascript code does not work out in a .jspx page

To the experienced: I am trying to improve some pages in my application. In one of the pages, there are only two elements in the form: an input box (for user to put in his username) and a submit button. What I am trying to do are: 1. Make the input b

Flash not rendering correctly in IE using Spry and SWFObject.

Hi, Tools that I'm using (Flash, Spry and SWFObject) I just finished converting portions of the image gallery to a video gallery using FLV Files. It works great in FireFox and Opera, I guess all mozilla based browsers. Now my problem is that I pass t

Sensing a keyboard press in a forms app?

In a windows form, I have a button. When that button is pressed, I want it to look for keyboard presses. When the spacebar is pressed 10 times, I want the button to do something. Is this at all possible? In Calculus, 1+1=0.I guess that you have only

Problem passing parameter from one interactive report to another

Hi. I'm going slightly mad over this simple problem. Apex 4.0.2 installed. Created one interactive report with 4 columns, one is linked to a custom target which is another interactive report where the column is used in the WHERE clause through a hidd

Drop Down list issues in jsp

Hi, I am facing an issue with drop down list in jsp pages on page postback. Let me explain in detail. I have a client.jsp page which has a drop down list and a text box. The drop down list is populated from an Action class (lets say testAction.java).

The three problems about flex

1, memory release: There are two swf file:1.Swf, 2.swf.After i load 1.swf by ModuleLoader,i load 2.swf, but 1.Swf is memory, have not been removed, how the release of Memory is out. Remove and use of mandatory release, memory or not the release of sw

Tabindex in HTMLForm

Hi Is it possible to set the tab-index of elements when using the oracle.jdeveloper.html.HTMLForm class? Also is it possible to set a specific element to be the one with focus when a page is loaded? I've looked through the help-files, but have been u

Dynamic text behind image?

Hello, i have this dynamic textbox where im loading a number, that works fine, but then im loading a picture from an array on the same place as the number, and the picture comes on top of the textbox. How do i get the number on top of the image? thx.

PS Elements 4,0 irritations (are they my fault)

My irritation level with elements is elevated to some degree. Why? 1) When opening an image elements brings it in out of focus then as it finishes loaded it goes sharp. My clients think I have out of focus images. I would rather they see in focus all

Table cell editing

how to edit table cells ? i am trying it since 2 days. with different errors. it's throwing some null pointer exception.   public TableView getTableview() {          TableView<Contact> fx2TableView = new TableView<Contact>();          public 

Numbering Series Issue......

Hai To All,                In my screen iam using numbering series, that is iam having combobox - series list textbox      -  series number textbox    - Date when Loading screen by default in combo box the list of series will be loaded based on date.

Tabel effect in Flash?

Hi guys I have a bit of a problem which I can't seem to solve. I have a large textbox which will load dynamic content (htmltext). I need something that will look like a table but I cant seem to do this in flash. The deatails will look something like