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can't read superblock lvm


LVM Volumes not available after update

Hi All! I haven't updated my system for about two months and today I updated it. Now I have the problem that I cannot boot properly. I have my root partition in an LVM volume and on boot I get the message ERROR: device 'UUID=xxx' not found. Skipping

Mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on floppy

Since I switched to kernel 2.6.1, I can no longer mount floppys. mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/floppy/0, or too many mounted file systems I thought some filesystems might be compiled wrong, or the fstab is not OK, but I can

"superblock could not be read" + lvm2

Hello guys, after a power failure my system stop working, the boot procedure stops with the following msg: :: Checking Filesystems /dev/VolGroup00/LogVol02: The superblock could not be read or does not describe a correct ext2 filesystem. If the devic

How do I display the next segment of an LVM file on a graph?

I have built an application which reads in an LVM file containing 16 waveforms. I am taking 1000 samples at 1kHz. The capture may last for up to 3 minutes, so I generate a sizable file. When I read this file back and display it I only get the first s

Get date-time from .lvm

With Labview I've created a .lvm file with 6 colums of data. The .lvm also contains a x value (+1 for each row) so i'm saving 1 row of data every second. If I plot the data in Diadem the X-axis shows up as relative time, but I want to see the absolut


  Hi Experts         How to do the SAP LVM SETUP on windows server 2012. If Any One Knows Please Let Mme Know. Regards sureshCan you elaborate on the question a bit? You're asking how we setup LVM on a Windows Server, but that depends a lot on what t

How to change the column header/channel name in an LVM file?

Hi all, I made a VI (see attached JPG) that reads 2 voltages, but after calculations and other processes, ends up writing 6 columns of data to an LVM file (7 if you count the time). I have read in other posts that you can change the name of each sign

Booting problems with systemd, lvm, linux-ck-corex

Hi everyone, since Friday I got some complications while booting my system. I use systemd, pulseaudio, bluez, network-manger, gnome and gdm as login manager. Every partition (root, home) without the boot and crypted swap partition is within a lvm vol

Does Signal express save averaged data to LVM / Ascii / UFF file or all the individual runs?

Hello,         I am acquiring impact datausing NI sound and vibration and NI cRIO 9233. I am averaging the data over 10 hits and saving it to Ascii, LVM files. When I open the file in excel I see 12500 readings. The frequency resolution is 1.25Hz and

[Solved] Installing and using GRUB on LVM

New installation, no more windows, using LVM. pvdisplay : --- Physical volume --- PV Name /dev/sda1 VG Name DesktopLVM PV Size 243.14 MiB / not usable 3.14 MiB Allocatable yes (but full) PE Size 4.00 MiB Total PE 60 Free PE 0 Allocated PE 60 PV UUID

Is it possible to "convert" an encrypted system to LVM

From what I understand after reading this article in the wiki LVM is an underlying layer below the partitions that you usually work with. Basically a structure on the HDD on top of which you have your partitions and file systems. Now, before asking m

Problems with displaying read data from a .lvm file

Hi all. I aquire data with the PCMCIA card 6036E. I aquire online in Labview 7 and store the data in a .lvm file. When i try to display the same data i aquired before with the "read .lvm file" express vi, the waveform chart redraws itself after

[Solved Kinda] Error Message when creating a LVM Snapshot.

I upgraded my Arch Laptop this morning, which among other things, also had an update for lvm2. Anyways, as part of my backup strategy I create a LVM Snapshot of root and transfer that via rdiff-backup. This used to work no problem. But ever since the

[SOLVED] "Superblock could not be read" error on install

I've been trying desperatly to install Arch Linux on my main computer but this error almost always shows up after 1 or two reboots (usually when I'm finished installing base system and about to install Xorg): :: Checking Filesystems /dev/sdc3: The su

How do I read my wave form data back from an LVM file?

I collected a waveform and saved it using the LVM file format. I would like to read the waveform back into labview and display it with its timestamp and assigned name. The only way I could read the data back into Labview was to convert it to a number

Can i open lvm file in a Pocket PC emulator?

Hi all, can i open lvm/xls file in a Pocket PC emulator? I keep getting an error msg... Thanx!I was wrong.  It does not appear that PocketExcel will open an LVM file, at least not in Windows Mobile 2003 on my Dell Axim X50v.  However, there is a fair