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Casting photos from iPad Retina to television

I've had my Retina since Christmas. I've recently the Google Chromecast device What I'd like to do would be to cast photos from my Retina to my TV can you recommend any good apps for this. I've also some photos stored in dropbox. As always any help a

Green Cast - Photos in Mobile Me gallery & Aperture Library

Hi. I have noticed that some photos on one of my mobile me galleries have turned green, almost like a green filter has been put over them. The same thing has happened to photos in my Aperture library. Any clues to what's causing this? Thanks.Hi Tim.

A fix for nexus and Chromecast on bt

Been struggling for a few weeks now casting from my nexus to Chromecast via BT but have finally found a solution. First of all make sure your google play services is the latest addition you can find the latest version here http://www.apk4fun.com/apps

Adding paragraphs to the spry photoalbum

I used this tutorial to build a phto album: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/dreamweaver/articles/spry_photo_album.html So I don't know if what I'm asking for is possible, but I figured I may  as well ask. I have a site for a movie that uses this gallery

Trying to fix exposure of a stack

I have just recently retruned from Costa Rica with a number of great pictures. Some how the exposure setting on my camera changed and a number of these photos have a blue cast to them. I thought that it was possible to select a number of photos in Ap

I am trying to print a color photo on my MacBook Pro from iPhoto (not using Photoshop) using Epson 2200 printer, and everything I do in the Color Matching and Print Settings results in a photo with a pink cast to it. What am I doing wrong?

I am trying to print a color photo on my MacBook Pro from iPhoto (not using Photoshop) using Epson 2200 printer, and everything I do in the Color Matching and Print Settings results in a photo with a pink cast to it. What am I doing wrong?Have you ch

Black & white photo has a magenta cast.

New HP Officejet Pro 8500A, using the recommended HP brochure paper 180g glossy.  I'm trying to print borderless and have set up the print options correctly.  I am getting a magenta cast only when I print a black & white photo.  Brand new ink, and I

How set up Mac to stream photos from airport extreme to chrome cast on flat screen tv

how to stream photos from my Mac through AirPort Extreme router to chromecast on my flat screen tvIt is really the wrong product.. get an Apple TV.. they are designed with android and using android OS.. http://9to5mac.com/2014/02/09/how-to-setup-and-

Printed photos have strong green cast

Since I upgraded to Lion all photos I print on my HP PhotoSmart 3310 have a very strong green cast, especially in the shadows. I have tried printing directly from Aperture and also exporting the image then printing from Preview and it makes no differ

How to reduce purple color cast in high ISO Nikon D4 and D810 photos

In low-light photos taken with my D4 and D810 I often (but not always) get a severe purple color cast in the dark areas of the photo. I'm going to try posting a link to an example of one such photo, which I've put in my Dropbox account. I hope this w

Photos have a red cast

Hi: I just read a very long Forum post involving Chris Cox from July 2010 regarding the referenced issue; unfortunately the thread had left the problem unresolved in 2010. I have a Nikon D3 camera, Windows 7, CS5, and a Epson R3000 printer. Everythin

Red cast in photos

iphoto 5 with osx 10.4 some of my photos have a red cast to them. When i open them with preview the image is fine. how do i fix this problem fredits all photos now have a red cast i dont think its a iphoto issue fredRead other 2 answers

Magenta colour cast added to exported jpg photos

I shoot raw with my Canon EOS 5D and import the raw images to LR. There is no Development preset. Colours in LR look OK on my calibrated monitor - this is not a camera calibration problem as suggested in LR help and knowledgebase; I have tested these

Yellow colour cast on all photos help!

I have photo taken with a canon 400d with sRGB colour profile set in the camera. However when these or any other photos from any camera have a yellow colour cast. I have the canon Digital Photo Professional software installed as well and when i view

Magenta Color Cast in Center of Photos

My photos seem to have a very heavy magenta cast on the central portion of the photo. There also seem to be green/blue casts at the edges. I have tried resetting the phone and all the other basic fixes...I have the exact same problem and it is quite

What is the deal with the new V Cast and transfering photos to PC?

In the old version, I was able to transfer my photos (stored on the phone HD, not the SD card) really easily. Now, it seems V Cast will only let me access the card and not the phone HD. Surely there has to be a way to get the photos from the phone to

Cannot install Google Cast extension (for Chromecast) on Ellipsis 7

Just got an Ellipsis 7 (MV7B_31D41_422Y) last week, and a Chromecast yesterday. There is no download option for the Google Cast extension on my Ellipsis or iPhone so I can't cast from Chrome on either device (only from a couple apps like Youtube that

Casting bt sport to tv via chromecast is refusing ...

Right. Here I am trying to watch moto gp via ipad chromecast to tv and I keep getting a message saying 'session- failed to connect'. It was working fine when I watched live gp from Argentina last week, and I haven't changed anything. As Netflix is co

PS CS4 and red cast to photos

Hi all, New to the forums here.  Let me start by saying, I've read around, and the only 'fixes' I've found for this issue did not work for me. Running a dual-quad core Mac with a single Dell 2209WA monitor.  The SAME issue happened first on my 15" MB

My iPad 3 makes all photos transferred from my PC look like they have a yellowish colour cast.

All photos transferred from PC have washed out, yellowish look to them. Same photographs appear fine on PC monitor and strangely, look fine when viewed through Flickr on iPad, not through Photos. All other colours look great on device. Same photos lo