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Is there a service outage for Baton Rouge, LA 70816

Is there a service outage for Baton Rouge, LA 70816wow glad I came here. service out in houma morgan city area as well... 4th time in past month for me and always at same time, have been having bad service at around 11 pm to 2 am every night for the

Baton Rouge Mall of LA Apple Store Support Service

    I just finished up a meeting with the Genius Bar at the BR Mall of LA Apple Store and was disappointed by the experience.  Although my question was answered, and my problem fixed, I feel it is my obligation to let others know Apple Store service

The collapse-to-center effect on my eMac

Earlier, I submitted the following question and then received a response by Allen Jones... Now adding the following information, I am still looking to see if it is possible to try to pinpoint the problem I am having. On the average, "the the collapse

I'm looking for a research position in Salt Lake City

Gary Vardon 4216 S. Bannock Drive West Valley City, Utah, 84120 801-969-7432 Educational Experience B.S., Chemistry, 1975 Metro State College Chemistry major Electrical Engineering minor Denver, Colorado M.S., Natural Science, 1976 Louisiana State Un

Halo: Reach Midnight Openings

Top Secret: For Best Buy® Gamers Only. Here's the store list for the Midnight release of Halo: Reach. Enjoy! [Stores accurate as of 8/16] ALASKA ANCHORAGE AK ALABAMA MOBILE AL HUNTSVILLE AL MONTGOMERY AL OXFORD AL ALABASTER AL FULTONDALE AL TUSCALOOS

We are looking to replace our LaserJet 8150dn printer. What model replaced the 8100 series? - Thanks

We are looking to replace our LaserJet 8150dn printer. What model replaced the 8100 series? - ThanksHi Allan... Will try to keep this short. Tried to respond yesterday...but message kept coming back as undeliverable. I am in SW Louisiana. Did some ch

I give up. Have had a problem with HD Bay 4, and can't solve it

I have had my Mac Pro for a year, through Tiger and now Leopard, and it has been a great machine... except. From the night I un-boxed it, it has refused to run a drive in bay 4. it partitions fine, looks fine, and then when copying something (say a 1

When I turn on Safari, it pulls up 'favorites'  I can't go to the internet.  I can't get'favorites' off screen!!! can't use my computer. Help?

When I turn on my imac and open 'Safari' it takes me to a gray page; it's the 'favorites'page.  I can't get it off the screen and go to my home page to use the internet.  I can't use my computer.  I was just in the Apple store in baton rouge, la. tod

Black screen on startup with a mouse pointer but can't do anything???

Hello, I've read all the posts in regards to this topic.  Nothing has worked.  I have my brothers HP laptop with Windows Vista.  I thought the Hard Drive (HD) crashed because all I had on start up was a black screen with a cursor.  When booting I am

How do I get a popup window to stay open with a validation failure?

Environment: APEX on AIX 5.3 Oracle EE on AIX 5.3 Sample app on apex.oracle.com: Workspace: galway User: gwicke Pass: gwicke Steps: 1- run Page 3 2- select J & B Marketing from drop down 3- select only contract from drop down 4-

Once and for all, Sleep or Shut down?

Just wondering if it is better to let my PB sleep after usage, or shut it down after usage. I've read somewhere on one of the boards that it is better for PB to sleep rather than shutdown in a long run because of an electric shock that is sent to the

Adobe Lightroom 7.2 64 bit installed but will not open error 0xc000007b

After 3 days of tryng to download and run the above I was finally able to get it on my machine today.  During the past 2 days I would get Lightroom downloaded but it would not install as per the above error.  Today I copied the download URL into Safa

Broadband Video Direct to TV

I am looking for someone with knowledge and experience with video streaming. I live in rural area and have been covering local news and events for the past six months and posting them on YouTube. Folks have been after me about expanding and improving

Windoze Ad-hoc networks killing Airport Extreme Base Station

After having a horrible experience with an Orinoco base station sometime ago at his coffee shop, a client of mine asked me to install a new Wi-Fi access point to replace it. Since I'd never had a problem with my graphite Airport Base Station, I selec

WPA Enterprise Connectivity

Hi - I'm currently in Baton Rouge, LA and attend school at LSU. Our wireless network, lsusecure, is WPA Enterprise, which is supposed to be compatible with iPhone 2.0. The problem is, I can't seem to connect to the network. I enter my LSU username an

Using Blackberry as a data modem

Blackberry Curve 8530 - Sprint I am trying to use my blackberry as a simple, old-fashined data modem. Every two weeks I am required to transmit a data file to Baton Rouge, LA using XMODEM protocol. All the modem info on the Blackberry site seems gear

Decode query need for aging

Hi All, Following is the query which is working for aging for condition and round(st.close_dt - st.open_dt) >60 and corresponding column output count(round(st.close_dt - st.open_dt)) ">60" but we need the same in report of column of count(

HTML Chart in APEX error out

Hi All, I have to create the HTML Chart but while using the below query I am getting following error. Please advise. Certain queries can only be executed when running your application, if your query appears syntactically correct, you can save your qu

Surface Pro 3 Applying edu coupon + 150 tradein coupon

Went to Best Buy store # 495 in Baton Rouge LA to buy the Surface Pro 3. I had both coupons with me. The employee who helped me, Sean said only 1 coupon can be used. When I told him to try the other he manually removed the first one and then applied

All pages in merged file blank?

Has anyone had problems in Pro X where all pages in a merged file of all .pdfs are blank?I took multiple .pdf files and merged them into one .pdf file in Adobe Acrobat X Pro, and all pages of the merged .pdf file were blank.  This does not happen wit