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JMStudio Error  "Can not create session manager"

Hi, I'm trying to transmit an mpg file through a simple pc to pc network, using the transmission wizard in the JMStudio, and everytime it causes a "can not create session manager" error, even when I try to transmit .mp3 file I'm using an ip like

Solution Manager EWA - cannot create session in satellite system

"Hi, I want to configure EWA self service using Solman 4.0. I succesfully did the following : a. Maintained SMSY and create the required trusted RFC connections from SM to satellite system. All connection and authorization passed in SM59. I used SAP_

Systemd 216: pam_systemd: Failed to create session: Connection timeout

It appears my systemd (v216 as of today) user session configuration has gone bad, and no longer works. I reboot after the most recent set of updates, and my user session (backed by [email protected] and was relying on loginctl enable-linger's to spin up

Create session privillege has problem in 10g

Hi , I would need to create a user who only has access to select/update and delete records from the tables of a schema. For that , when I grant Connect/Create session privillege, the user is able to drop the table, alter the table by default. Is it a

Error when Create Session Bean in JDeveloper

Hi All, I followed the steps in the SRDemo tutorial to create Session bean SRPublicFacade. I used Create Session Bean wizard. Step 1 was ok. Step 2 when it's supposed to show all the POJOs and all methods (from Queries) it hang there, and skipped to

LSMW not creating session for more than 1000 records

Hi all I am doing LSMW for equipment creation (IE01) using recording all are correct if i upload I have 2400 records to be uploaded,in the last step it showing "BDC_Insert,Transcation is invalid" If i upload for less then 1000 records like 950,

How to check if "create session" is being audited in the aud$

Specifically, how do the determine if "create session" is being audited? Assume audit_trail=db_extended, audit_sys_operations=true and audit_file_dest has been set. Please specifically how to check if "create session" is being audited.

Create link using javascript or other relevant automated process

i have multiple PDF which i have combined using Acrobat pro... the table of content for this pdf does not have link as i had generated it in Word using RD fields. Now, my main concern is it possible to create links using Javascript or any other proce

How to create table with javascript and jquery in abap

Hello masters, i want to create table using javascript and jquery. i know how to use these languages but i dont how to implement them to abap. regards.Look at the sample BSP application SBSPEXT_HTMLB also you can look at the below Blog.. /people/bria

Several html widgets I created contain the javascript libraries. Is there a way to create a common javascript library that can be accessed by all my widgets? I'm trying to reduce the size of the ibook I'mm creating.

Several html widgets I created contain the javascript libraries. Is there a way to create a common javascript library that can be accessed by all my widgets? I'm trying to reduce the size of the ibook I'm creating.Seen this thread? Can javascript lib

How to create session in JSP & Servlet

Hi All I'm really new to JSP & Servlet. So I want to know how to create sessions and how to pass details to another web page Thanks PadmaYou can easily pass objects from one jsp or servlet to another. On your servlet execute method (for example), you

Creating session in jsp

I want to create a jsp session in which i define a variable and call it in the other pages; please helphi, for creating session, String uname = "admin"; session.setAttribute("username",uname); for retreiving the value from session. Str

How to create session and end the session in atg without using ootb

can anyone send the code for creating session(Login) and ending(Logout) session in atg without using ootb. thankyou!It is plain simple and is plain old request.getSession(false) and then invalidate the session , but why do you want to do it separatel

How to create session id from different string controls

how to create session id from different string controlsfais, Please create the VI you are talking about and save some default data into all of the controls. Also on the front panel, place the session ID that should be generated by that data. Now, pos

How to Process "Being Created" Sessions

Dear Experts, Program created sessions are tagged to be "Being Created". Can any one of you explain me how to process these sessions through a program again.? It would be of great help and useful answers are rewarded. Best Regards, Arunkumar SAf

How to create SAPUI5 + MBO + javascript App in SUP2.1.3 ?

Hi Can anyone help me with a link or any tutorial which can help me in finding a solution to my query... How to create SAPUI5 + MBO + javascript in SUP2.1.3 ? Thanks & Regards, Vamsi Konanki.please find the sample tutorials below UI5 + MBO Main Works

I get an error message 'Cannot create session cookie'

Hello, This is the exact error message I receive: "Time: 2011-04-05 14:47:47 OUCU: zz767748 URL: /science.level1ayrf.s104/ TN: openmark @ ltsweb2 Status: 403 Title: Unable to create session cookie Message: In order to use this website you must enable

Help to create outlines using javascript in adobe illustrator cs4

Hi, Please help me to create outlines using javascript in illustrator cs4. Thanks KarthikThe textFrame object has a createOutline() method. So if you are wanting to save a version of your file that will not require fonts then loop thru these items in

Transaction iView (WinGUI): "Create Session" opens blank GUI

Hi All, we are using a SAP Transaction iView which displays the WinGUI in the portal and directly opens a SAP transaction. The users are used to getting a new session with an already opened navigation tree (SMEN) by clicking "System --> Create Ses

Error -1074384751 in XNET Create Session (Signal Output Single-point)

Hello all, I have a selected number of signals from a database, and I am trying to create XNET Signal Output session from these signals of database. However, I get this error when I run this on my RT pc: Error -1074384751 occurred at XNET Create Sess