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Creating a Database in MySQL


Trouble creating a database in MySQL using java

Hi all, I am trying to create a program that connects to MySQL and can create databases, tables etc. I can connect to MySQL using the program but I cannot create a database (however if i create the database with the command line i can create tables i

Creating a database using MySQL on a mac. Professional help needed!!

Hello i'm creating an online retail website. To start with i'm doing it locally using Apache as the local server. Bearing in mind i'm only 15 can someone help me with turning a product list and all it's information into a database in MySQL? If you ca

Just installed 10g Exp, can I use the "Bank" database from MySQL?

So I installed MySQL, PHP, and Apache, separately. I was using a "Learning SQL 2005" book that instructed me to create a play "bank" database, and run the code to create/populate tables. I used the bank database for a while to learn an

Questions regarding creating the database

Hi there, From the previous posting, http://forum.java.sun.com/thread.jspa?threadID=640415&tstart=15 someone gave me the "formula" of connecting to the database: java.sql.Connection  conn   =  java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:

Create a Database Link from Oracle to MYSQL on windows

Hi I need to create a database link from oracle to mysql database on windows to fetch some records.Can anyone help me on this?Search for Transparent Gateways, Heterogeneous Services... The Oracle SQL Developer have drivers to Access, MySQL and SQL Se

Problem creating connection pool to mysql database

Please, do not ignore this message and help me, if you have any Idea I have Sun Java System Application Server 8.1 installed on my computer, I installed also MySQL Connector/J to access MySql Databases through JDBC But now when I try to create new co

How i can Create Master Repository with MySQL Database?

How i can Create Master Repository with MySQL Database? i need to using MySQL Database to Master & Work Repository. I try to add mysql libary jar file to drivers . But , can't display MySQL Technology in Database List for Create Master Repository ? P

How to use MySQL to create a database

I downloaded MySQL and opened the folder and saw a plethora of files. I'm lost and don't know where to start. I want to create a database. Any suggestions? I have dreamweaver cs5. My computer is a mac book pro OS10.6.8.To amplify osgood_'s excllent s

How do i create a styled spry mysql driven menu using dreamweaver cs4?

How do i create a styled spry mysql driven menu using dreamweaver cs4? I have cs4. I gave up on using MS sql as a datasource. I finally got a php successfull connection in my PHP web page. I would like a nice video tutorial for creating a dynamic men

Create a database link to access SqlServer 2005 view from oracle 11gr2

Hi All, Greetings for the day. Though I have seen quite a few posts but just wanted to cross-verfiy and double check hence posting. Oracle Database : 11gr2 OS :SOLARIS SPARC 64 Bit SQL Server Database : Sql Server 2005 OS : Windows 2003 32 Bit The re

How to create a database in SAP DB

hello sirs, My name is Sudheesh and I am new to SAP WAS. I recently installed SAPNetWeaver04SneakPreviewSlimSP11. I have installed the Max DB also from the CD. But i don't know how to open the database Manager GUI for the same. I want to create a new

What is the best way to create a database schema from XML

What is the best way to create a database schema from XML? i have  a complex XML file that I want to create a database from and consistently import new XML files of the same schema type. Currently I have started off by mapping the XSD into Excel and

How to create a database using Java?

Hi there.. I'm a student who is currently studying IT and was asked to do a project based on database but create using Java.. since i'm a beginner..i was wondering whether is it possible to do that? and if it is possible.. can you kindly show me a sa

Which Is Better:Create The Database Manually Or As a Part Of  Your Code?

hi everybody i just want to know people when you creating a JDBC Application and introduce the program to the user to deal with do you create the database through the database client like phpmyadmin for mysql or by using query in your program?if so w

How to convert oracle 9i database to mysql using JSP?

Dear friends, I want to convert oracle 9i database to mysql using JSP technology. Does there anyone who have a hint or some web links about this task? I searched the internet and found all of them are not free and no source code. In fact, what I want

Headers when create a Database table

Hi, I think this question would be simple. I'm working with a mySQL Database. I proceed as follow: 1) I open the connexion (OK), 2) Insert data on table -table1- (OK), 3) Execute a query (OK?) 4) Create a new table (table2) and Insert data from query

Beginners question about creating first database and tables

Hi all, i recently have installed 10g express edition, because i want to transform my php-script from mysql to oracle database. (due to the fact that mysql is "not allowed sofware" at the company i work for). it is a quit small script, just a sh

I can  create SQL  Database with Xcode ??

is can posible create a Database with SQL in Xcode ? -RaulIf you mean, is there some tool integrated into Xcode that will create a database, then the answer is "not that I know of". Firstly, there are a number of "SQL" databases - e.g.

OK now that there is no option to reveal "database" panel in DW CC, how do I create a database connection and build my phpmysql pages?

Is there an alternative way other than manually entering PHP code?Thanks, It works. Author of the article politely says what many of us have to say to Adobe when they make "improvements" - WTF, Adobe???       From: Ben Pleysier <[email protec

Create a database from scratch using php.

Is it possible to create the usernames and databases for mysql using a php script, or can this only be done using phpmyadmin. if it can how. thanksSure, you should be able to execute ddl command from a php script. Why do you want to?Read other 3 answ