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Cross Docking in SAP R/3 ECC 6.0

Folks, I'm struggling to make 2-step w/ planned cross docking work. Basically, unable to connect the planned with the candidate document. Here is the scenario: 1. (Candidate) Outbound delivery created with a delivery date / time of 09/04/08 - 10:00 (

Cross Docking Functionality - ECC6.0

Hi, Can some explain in detail what are the Cross Docking Functionalities has been provided in ECC 6.0 compared to the previous versions. Thanks, Chak.Hi chakku, Cross docking changes in ECC 6.0. Effects on Customizing   To use Cross-Docking, you mus

Cross-docking in WM with use of MIGO

Dear SAP experts, I'm looking for my company to install cross-docking in SAP ECC6.0 were they use MIGO to do the goods receipt. Which are the possibilities I have to active/setup cross-docking in SAP based on MIGO receipts? Many thanks for your help

Opportunistic Cross Docking Warehouse Task with status "B" - Waiting -

Hi All, Does anyone have any experience with Opportunistic Cross Docking using SAP EWM 7.1?  We have successfully executed OCD and EWM creates a warehouse task to move goods directly from GR to GI Zones but somehow the task is marked as waiting (B) a

Cross docking functionality in SAP F&R

Hi All,     I want to know how the cross docking functionality is handled in SAP F&R.    Whether I should give RP type 11 in store level and RP type 01/02 in DC level for these cross docking products?    Whether anyone has done the dynamic allocation

Opportunistic cross-docking not working

Hi All, We are trying to implement opportunistic cross-docking process. My understanding is that during the creation of the goods receipt TO the system looks for any open picking TO and accordingly directly moves material from 902 to 916 storage type

Cross Docking readily in ECC 6.0

Hi, I am in ECC 6.0. I wanted to know if the Cross docking function is in. Do I need to turn on any activation switch? Someone, I am not able to locate any reference or folder for CROSS DOCK in the IMG. I read up the SAP Help but cannot find the path

Cross Docking Process Flow - ECC6.0

Hi, Can some explain what is the process flow for cross docking in ECC 6.0. How to mark a customer as Cross docking customer? Thi sis the process flow we are trying to map in ECC6.0 for croos docking.Please let me know is this process flow can me map

Cross Docking Pick TO cancellation

Hi Experts I am trying to Configure the Cross docking scenario I have configured the following 1. Cross-dock Warehouse level customization in SPRO-LE-WM-Cross Docking-Maintain Warehouse level Settings 2. Cross dock relevancy for movement types in SPR

Cross docking in WM

HI, can anyone explain about the usage of cross docking functionality and how to use it. how to link an inbound documeHi Susil, Cross-docking implies moving materials directly from the incoming to the outgoing physical areas of the warehouse. To proc

Cross docking fucntionality

Hi I have a requirement to adapt cross docking functionality in my project. But My concern is 1.I donot have cross docking configuration nodes in SAP 4.7 version in SPRO. 2.I also donot have cross docking monitoring station transactions and few other

Cross-docking with external WM system

Hello Gurus, We are trying to implement cross docking but we donu2019t have wm on the SAP ERP. We would like to know if this is possible. And this is possible, how can we manage this scenario for example: A delivery from PLANT A to a client that uses

Cross Docking EWM

Hi Experts, the chapter "Merchandise distribution cross-docking " of the EWM-Manual (EWM 7.0) says: "SAP ERP ... sends inbound and outbound delivery documents to EWM, which contain the process methods and the purchase order item as a refere

Cross-Docking Config.

I am working on Cross-docking scenario in ECC system and I am stuck at "Generating a Cross-Docking" Decision. This is the 6th step as per Best Practice GZ6. What are config settings that should be maintained to generate a decision? I have mainta

One step cross docking

hi,     i am working on one step cross docking scenorio , i am missing some where in configuration.  plz guide me. steps i followed i) checked the preallocated check box in omlj transaction for 101 - movt type ii)entered the preallocated stock detail

One step cross docking in wm

hi, i am working on one step cross docking scenorio , i am missing some where in configuration. plz guide me. steps i followed i) checked the preallocated check box in omlj transaction for 101 - movt type ii)entered the preallocated stock details in

WM: opportunistic cross-docking

Hi all, According to my understanding of the help.sap.com online documentation, we are NOT supposed to use the Cross-docking Monitor while trying to achieve an opportunistic cross-docking stock transfer between an inbound delivery and an outbound del

Cross docking in LE-TRA

Hello Experts, Can anyone help to customize the functionality of Cross docking in LE-TRA? Does any one have any customize guide of this functionality? Any power point presentation with examples or some training exercises with real examples. I will be

Transporttaion Cross Docking between EWM and ECC across company codes

Seceanrio is as follows: We have an EWM managed site in GB, and an IM managed site in IE. We would like to use the transportation cross docking solution from within Service Parts Management to transfer goods from GB to IE, (ECC > EWM > ECC) across c

Customizing-IMG-structure cross docking not visible

The customizing-IMG-structure "cross docking" is not visible / available within SAP ECC 6.0-system altough WM-module is used. It is visible via SIMGH but can not be used / displayed via SPRO. Could you please tell me what is the reason for this?