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Why in SE16 we can not  see New Data Table for standard DSO

Hi, We says that there is three tables (New Data Table, Active Data Table and Change Log Table) of Standard DSO, Then Why in SE16 we can not  see New Data Table of Standard DSO. Regards, SushantHi Sushant, It is possible to see the 3 DSO tables data

How to find the number of entries in a master data table

Hi Experts, I am trying to find the entries in 0CUSTOMER master data. BW>LISTCUBE>Data target: 0CUSTOMER and selected the fields that I need. I would like to know how to find the "number of entrees". I tried to run the SUM for a count fiel

DSO upload and no data in Active data table

Hi Experts, I have a strange problem.I have loaded data to DSO from DS in BI7. It has the further uplaod to cube.I have activated the DSO and it went sucessfull and had Request ID generated. It has added and transfer records available like 150000 rec

A data table in one column of a dynamic data table

Hi , I have to design a dynamic data table(with dynamic columns and data) which looks as the following DETAILS      NAME      ROLE NUMBER     CLASS     SECTION 15     MATHS     SURESH     15     10     A 20     SCIENCE                     25     ENGL

DSO activation: Data in new data table but missing in active data table?

we use an end routine in transformation to populate a data field in DSO. it works as we can see the value populated in new data table. when we activate (activation) DSO, we see the value is deleted from this data field. why? this data field is set as

How to get list data and bind to data table or Grid view in share point 2010 using j query

hi, How to bind list data in to data table or  grid view  using Sp Services. How to use sp services in share point 2010 lists and document library Hi, You can use List service, SPServices and JQuery to get your requiement done- See here for an sample

Data not going from active data table to new data table -DSO activation iss

Hi Experts, Data is going from DSO1 to DSO2. I see some of the records are getting missed in DSO 2 which are supposed to come. There is start routine from DSO1 TO DSO2 and as per the start routine some records should come but they are getting missed.

Abap code not working  - deleting based on master data table information

Hi, I wrote a piece of code earlier which is working and during test we found out that it will be hard for the support guys to maintain because it was hard coded and there is possibility that users will include more code nums in the future sample cod

Getting selected values from a data table

My data table gets values directly from a result set. I went through http://balusc.blogspot.com/2006/06/using-datatables.html#top , however, the data table shown in this example takes values from a simple list. I have trouble in getting selected valu

Problem with Exception Worksheet using Data from Supply Plan Data Table

I added a series for a flag that indicates whether product is sourced from multiple manufacturing sites for a given customer and item. The flag is on the supply plan data table because it depends on the scenario. I created an exception worksheet for

Weird problem with mysql query and data table buttons !!!!

Hi, I'm using jsc 2 update 1 on windows and mysql 4.1 . I have a page with a data table. One column of the data table contains "Details" buttons. Source query for the table is : SELECT tbl_tesserati.idtbl_tesserati idTesserato, tbl_tesserati.num

Bi publisher report, data table, column label displays last character

Hello all, I have created various reports on BI Publisher (win2008 R2 64bit 11g (.1.1.5) version). After altering some access rights, all the reports that include data tables display only the last character of the column label. All the column data is

How to delete the data in New data table Because...

Hi all, I have an urgent issue : in the process chain DSO has finished a delta load with 18592 data entries transfered and added, and activated , but when I checked New data table , there are still 18592 data entries there. This will cause problem I

JSF-Data Table displaying all data in a single row

Hi Guys, Im new to JSF, im trying to display the details from a List in a data table, but all the details are getting displayed in a single cell instead of displaying as rows, can someone help me with this problem?You need post your code so that we c

How Do I Display HTML Formatted Text From A Data Table In Crystal Reports?

I'm creating reports in Crystal XI.  The information being displayed in the reports comes from data tables where the text is formatted in HTML. I've worked with Crystal Reports enough to know that HTML text pulled from a data table doesn't appear in

Hiding the columns in data table in jsf

Hi Guys, I have stuck one situation in my project . i.e i want to hide the columns in Data table in jsf. Please response this mail. Thanks NarneSee this... [http://forum.java.sun.com/thread.jspa?threadID=5119514&messageID=9938606]Read other 3 answers

Creating a fiscal date table that includes Day of Year and Week of Year column

Hi, Our fiscal year runs between 1st October through to 30th September and I'm trying to create a date table that I can use to represent this in Powerpivot (I'm using Excel 2013). I had no probably creating columns for Fiscal month or fiscal year, ho

How to update a single row of data table

How we can update a single row of the data table by clicking the button in the same row. Thanks in Advance.Hi! What do You mean 'update'? Get fresh data from DB or change data and commit it in DB? If commit, try to read here: http://developers.sun.co

Filter Date Table (SSAS Tabular)

Hi Guys, I'll try to define my issue as clear as possible. Am creating a model for SSAS Tabular but I have following problem. I have a Date Table that I want to filter depending on what the user select from another table with values like: Today, Yest

How to identify a specific object that changed in a data table?

I have a data table in my jsf page which populate by myList (a property of type List<myObject> in myBean) that contains a list of myObject objects. Within data table, the 'amount' property of myObject is in a h:inputText named 'amountText'. How can