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deployment descriptor in servlet


Challenges in deployment descriptors

We currently have an EJB (called CD) that is contacted "remotely" by a web service (called CA) for some processing. The two (CD and CA) are deployed on different WLS8.1SP1 domains. CD is currently deployed as an EJB jar file (cd.jar) whereas CA

Error in Sun XML schema for servlet2.4 deployment descriptor?

Hi, I'm including the new XML schema for version 2.4 of the servlet standard in my web.xml deployment descriptor, using http://java.sun.com/xml/ns/j2ee/web-app_2_4.xsd When I try to save the XML file, XMLSpy reports an error in the schema file itself

Deployment descriptor "weblogic.xml" is malformed. in managed server

Hi All,           Appreciate if anyone can help.           I have set up a cluster containing two nodes - one local and other           remote machine on weblogic 8.1.4           then i install my application this cluster setup its working fine.     

Ejb accessing the deployment descriptor

My ejb needs to be able to access the deployment descriptor to retrieve some user information needed to connect to a web service. What is the best way to do this? I know servletts can do this, and if necessary, I could have my servlet retrieve the in

How to do JAAS and J2EE Deployment Descriptor ACL in WLS

The examples on this website and shipped with WLS stink. Does there exist a GOOD example of how to Log in with a form authenticate (I guess using j_security_check to hook into the web.xml security) then pull a user from a database and use the roles d

War problems- Deployment descriptor is malformed, check agains the DTD (0/1)

I'm sorry for cross-posting this but I don't know which is the correct newsgroup to post this. I have posted this before but I haven't had a successful response that has solved my problem so I'm reposting it again. I'm trying to create an ear file fo

Deployment descriptor "weblogic.xml" is malformed.

Hi All, Appreciate if anyone can help. I have set up a cluster containing two nodes - one local and other remote machine on weblogic 8.1.4 then i install my application this cluster setup its working fine. for my requirement i upgrade the the weblogi

Deployment Descriptor Documentation

I am having trouble finding documentation on what can be put inside of the deployment descriptor (web.xml). For instance I know that I need a <servlet> section. What are the valid sections that I can have within it? There must be a standard somewher

J2EE:160043]Missing deployment descriptor "WEB-INF/web.xml"

Hi , When I try to deploy using admin console i get the following error msg. J2EE:160043]Missing deployment descriptor "WEB-INF/web.xml" The war file has web.xml. Can some give me the reason for the above error. LOG content: weblogic.management.

Missing Deployment Descriptor

Hi.. have a little Web-Project (in Eclipse with Sun Application Server 9.1_01) for Persistence i Use Toplink. All work fine, until i change a jsp for example and eclipse do a redeploy. After this Redoploy i got the following error: [#|2008-03-03T16:3

I want to lean j2ee deployment descriptor, help

I want to learn about deployment descriptor -- the .xml concept on j2ee, where I can seek help?I learnt it from the servlet specifications. You can download the servlet specifications from http://java.sun.com/products/servlet/download.html#specs Espe

Using deployment descriptor authentication

Hello, I'm working on a web application and want to have a login for anyone that accesses the service. Is it possible to use the deployment descriptor to implement security but using my own authentication method? What I want to do is something like t

How do I read  the Deployment descriptor throw my application?

Hi There is a need for me to read attributes in the Deployment descriptor through my application. How may I do that? I don't want to use a Parsa to read the XML file and get the attributes.. Is there any other way? thanks SaneshAll attributes or just

Ejb-ref in the deployment descriptor

Could someone help me on how to configure an ejb-reference in the 3 xml files. ejb-jar.xml, weblogic-ejb-jar.xml and web.xml These are the entries for my application, but I get some exception. Can somebody help me pls? ejb-jar.xml <enterprise-beans>

EJB references in deployment descriptors and weblogic heuristic on resolving links

There are two different ways to lookup home interfaces using JNDI. 1. Query JNDI tree at runtime using some initial context. 2. Use <ejb-ref> in deployment descriptor for all the refrenced EJBs and then use initCtxt.lookup(java:comp/env/BeanHomeName

Web Deployment Descriptor

Hi! 1.)How can I stop directory browsing in tomcat. I am using jboss/tomcat 2.)Where can I find documentation on web.xml 3.)I want the request in the address bar to stay same //localhost:8080/myapp all the time. And every time the user does something

Failed to save deployment descriptor for: EEdnc cause: null

I am getting nowhere fast trying to deploy an ear with 1 EJB jar and a war file. The war deploys by itself ok. So the EJB jar has 2 stateless beans and an MDB configured for mqseries. I deployed a sample with some EJBs so the configuration must be ok

Whats deployment descriptor

hi im doing servlets with "advance java how to program of deitel and deitel". actually i dont get the idea of deployment descriptor file. an xml file can anyone tell me what is the use of this deployment descriptor file. ill be thankful to you.

Error while deploying an application on weblogic 12c. An error occurred while reading the deployment descriptor. The error was: Error processing annotations

Anyone please help me solve this error. I am trying to deploy an application on weblogic 12c  i am getting an error but the same application gets successfully deployed on weblogic 11g. The error is An error occurred during activation of changes, plea

Deployment descriptor error for an EJB 3.0 entity bean module

Hi all, i'm facing an error deploying an EJB 3.0 entity bean module wrapped in an enterprise application on WebLogic 10. The application is composed as follows: WASEnterprise.ear |-META-INF |-application.xml |-WAS.jar |-META-INF |-persistence.xml In