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Decompiling a .DLL file to view Source Code

Hi guys, I have a DLL file which I would like to decompile in order to edit the source code... Does anyone have any idea of  how I come go about doing this? I don not have the original solution (The person who wrote it has left the company) Thanks Ne

How to create a dll file for lab view?

Hello    I want to create a DLL file for LabView. Can anyone help me in this issue? Regards Vivek Please explain. Do you want to create a dll in another language (which one?) for use in LabVIEW or do you want to create a dll out of your LabVIEW code?

VS 2005 with CR XI R2 version 11 managed DLLs and Viewer

I have a development PC with VS 2005 and I need to interface with CR XI R2 reports. I wanted to take advantage of Dynamic Graphic Location in CR XI (which the flavor of CR that came with VS 2005 does not have). I installed CR XI R2 but still found th

How to open .dll files?

I'm not sure I have the correct forum, but I thought I'd try here. I have .dll files I want to look at. I am unable to open them in any type of readable format. When I double click on them they open in Text Edit and jumbled up. I tried to open them i

Saw.dll file is missing on Linux

Hi all, I m trying to install OBIEE on LinuxRedHat OS where Apache is already installed. I have finished the installation using the Basic mode. OC4j, BI server & Presentation server have started successfully. Httpd is also running. I have co

Where is iisproxy.dll file

Hi:           I am searching the whole weblogic folder for iisproxy.dll file but I           cannot find it. Can someone tell me where is it?           Thanks,           David           I am sorry, the file is there.           Thanks for help,       

I deployed wsp package - where is .dll file ?

Hi, I have a small farm -1 App server, 1 WFE & 1 SQL. I have a custom solution , I added to solution store via PowerShell. then deployed -via Central Admin Interface of App server only (didn't deployed on WFE) Now all features/Application Pages/.js f

How do I restore my tolbar so file, view, bookmarks etc appears

Presently my toolbar doesn't show File, View , Bookmarks etc as it originally. I don't know how to get it backThere are other things that need your attention: Your above posted system details show outdated plugin(s) with known security and stability

System damage from blocked system .dll file

On my Pavilion dv6, a file (mobogenie/nengenie.dll) belonging to the Windows 7 system has been blocked by the anti virus/malware programn due to malware infection of this file. That is as it should be. However, pc peformance has been decreased (resou

LV project files view root directory

I want to understand the nature of the LabVIEW project files view root directory. I suppose the files there are installed by dotnet framework and LabVIEW and will be installed to the target machine by dotnet framework and LabVIEW installer, is it cor

Content Server 6.40 Presents a Save As dialog for ContentServer.dll file

hi All we have installed successfully the content server 6.40 on a windows 2008 with iis 7 environment. The installation wen successfully with no errors. however when we run a test by calling the URL http://<server>:<port>/ContentServer/Conten

Problem registering CremePie.dll file

Hi All, I am working with signature capture in standard MAM. I am trying to run the standard signature capture functionality in PDA. I have deployed mamsignapplet.cab and signaturecapture.cab files in side WEB-INF\signature folder. In SAP Note 897289

Why after referenced dll files to my project they are not on my release directory when i build the project ?

This is a screenshot of my visual studio csharp the References and properties part of the dll's: You can see on the right the 3 problem files are the directx dll files. When my brother is running the program he get exception say one or more of the dl

DW CS5 "Get" bug in expanded site files view

Hi, I just installed the CS5 Design Premium trial and have been playing with Dreamweaver. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing the following issue... When in expanded site files view (showing both local and remote), selecting a file on the R

How to call function in included dll file through java application.

Hi All, i am trying to create an java application which call c# functions using JNI. i am completed with the code and it is running fine when i tried to run from netbeans IDE. But when i tried from Calculator.jar file, first time it throws this error

Report on a .DLL file

I need to run an inventory report on a specific .DLL file for all workstations at my site. I need the date and version of this file. How do I get ZEN inventory to grab and store this information to the database? Or if it's already in the database how

Crystal report .dll files required on server.

Hi. I'm new to Crystal Report and I have a "small" problem. I'm developing an windows app. that should be accesed from a Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard x64 Edition. When I run my app. om the server and want to see a report created with Crystal

How to convert java class to dll file for using in Microsoft Technology(.n)

hey hemmj !!!!!! nice replying , first of all i d like to say thanks for response me so frequently..... i like such type of guy... i d never forget ur online support. hey buddy, i ve a problem with applet application... i m working on java chat serve

How to convert java .class file to .dll file

hi, I got a problem, I have to convert my java .class file to .dll file. Microsoft VC++ program will invoke the converted .dll file. Is there any other possibility. I was confused. Cam any body help me. If you are having solution for the can you send

How to convert .class file to .dll file

hi, I got a problem, I have to convert my java .class file to .dll file. Microsoft VC++ program will invoke the converted .dll file. Is there any other possibility. I was confused. Cam any body help me. If you are having solution for the can you send