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Adobe dng and Photoshop Elements Workflow Question

My camera isn't supported by the Camera Raw  for the PSE version that I have so I must convert the original raws into dngs using the DNG Converter.  Since the converterr doesn't operate on a file but only on a folder basis, I find that a workflow inv

Safari, Mail, iTunes and Skype won't open

Hi there Apple-Support-Team, a few days ago I did an update of Safari, suggested automatically by Apple, but wasn't sure if the update was successfull (I had to leave the house). Now all applications with internet connection (Safari, Mail, iTunes, Sk

How to use "Insert action"

Hi, experts:   I am facing one problem.   I try to use system action "insert action" to insert a new row into table view from a form view,   I have assign "To" to the target table in the Insert action properties.   When test program, t

Netscape 7.2 for OS 9.2.2

I cannot find Netscape 7.2 or higher for OS 9.2.2 on my iMac 333. This is the only browser which will apparently work for an income tax program which I will be using this year. I am using IE 5.1 which will not work. I can't download from the Netscape

How to get value from messageStyledText which is present in other RN

Hi, I have xxcompscore messageStyledText in region 1 (separate controller) and xxobjscore messageStyledText in region2 (separate controller). The both values are double. My requirement is to get that value from another region (page layout) and add th

Looking for an App that supports Text Searching in PDF (more complex finding text))

I try to explain it clearly since my English not good when I using Ipad to search with some app like PDF expert. I can search words if I only type one single words or I type more than one words but these words are continuous in one sentence. Example