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Enable Java for Microsoft Edge


Some Java applets do not work after silent installation, solved by toggling "Enable Java content in the browser" - Why?

We have about 1,800 workstations running Windows 7 (both 32-bit and 64-bit) running various versions of the Java JRE from 6 update 32 through 7 update 51.  Most are on 6 update 45.  We would like to standardize on Java 7 update 51 (32-bit) and get ev

Update sky go for windows 10 and for microsoft edge

Hi please use a different software for the video in sky go web since silverlight was discontinued and wont be avalible in microsoft edge i carnt even use silverlight now. please change to html 5 like netflix did. and resolve issue when microsoft keep

Significance of "You need to enable Java to see this applet"

i am a novish for applet programming. i have written the code for drawing a spectrum. import java.applet.*; import java.awt.*; public class DrawingWithColor1 extends Applet { int width, height; int N = 25; // the number of colors created Color[] spec

What is the recommended way to launch a web-start enabled Java application?

Hello, I have a simple web-start enabled Java application, which I can launch from a brower by entering : https://xx.xx.x.xxx/MyApp/launch.html This method would show me a page. I then had to click on a link to run my application. I noticed that I co

OS 10.9 java control panel refuses to enable Java content in browser

I have a hard time to run java in any of my browsers. The obvious place I started looking to enable Java is the java control pannel, but, when I enable Java content in the browser, and after providing an admin password, the checkboxs unsets itself as

Can't install Adobe Flashplayer 11. Uninstalled old version. enabled Java. Allowed cookies. Install button grey.

Can anyone help me with this problem of installing Adobe Flashdrive 11, the latest version ? I'm bashing my head against the wall. Started when iPhoto would not load to Facebook and was advised it could be Flashplayer update after troubleshooting oth

I would like to programatically enable Java Plugin in Firefox 19. I do not want to use pluginreg.dat file in Appdata Folder

I have a need to enable Java Plug-in 6U20 in Firefix 19. This version of Java is disabled by Firefox by default since it has few security issues. But still i need that to be enabled. Do we have a method to do it. I do not want to use %Appli

How do I enable Java in Firefox 3.6.11? (The "Enable Java" box in Preferences- Content" disappeared. I lost important functionality (IPMI console from all my servers). Thanks, gus@ldeo.columbia.edu

Firefox 3.6.1 32 bit on an Opteron (x86_64) machine running Linux CentOS 5.2, kernel 2.6.18-92.1.22.el5 #1 SMP. I tried also the 64-bit Firefox RPM but the same problem happens.hey, i am damn idiot and your instructions are unreadable - simple reques

Cold Fusion in a generic thread pool and enabling JAVA don't mix

I've got Cold Fusion MX installed on a server running Sun One 6.1. I ran into a problem trying to enable JAVA (for servlet support) which I had previous disabled because I didn't use it. Well, when I went to enable JAVA on the server last week, the s

"java ODBC Microsoft Access Driver Syntax error (missing operator) in query

Hi I am new to java and I am getting this error message when using java to access and insert data into an MS Access database. "java ODBC Microsoft Access Driver Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression" The commands are String insertC

Styles Aren't Applied in Microsoft Edge F12 Tools

Applies To: Microsoft Edge F12 Developer Tools Release: Windows 10 Insider Preview SDK and tools, April 2015 release Issue: Inline styles aren't being applied when edited in the DOM Explorer.Workaround None.Read other 2 answers

How to enable java script in my Firefox browser? help its urgent.

how to enable java script in my Firefox browser? help its urgent.go to '''about:config''' and search for '''javascript.enabled''' change its value to '''true''' *[http://kb.mozillazine.org/About:config about:config]Read other 2 answers

How to enable java script in firefox

how to enable java script in firefoxSee: *[[JavaScript]] Also make sure that an extension isn't causing problems. * [[Troubleshooting extensions and themes]]Read other 2 answers

How to connect Java and Microsoft SQL Server 2000

hi, could anyone please teach me how to connect Java and SQL Sever 2000?? if possible could you guys provide me with an example??? i could hardly find any relevant resources about it... Thanks ~!thanks for the information... by the way hv any working

Error message: "Java Script turned off, Enable Java Script" How to do this? I have gone into "Tools--then Options--Then checked Java Script--Then the "OK/Save" Button but this has not helped. What is the right course of action?

Java Script is disabled on my HP laptop. I have done the obvious things. It still will not enable Java Script. What do I try next?Start Firefox in [[Safe Mode]] to check if one of the add-ons is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Tools

How do I enable Java? I seem to be missing a plug in.

I seem to be missing a plug in .How do I enable java?You need Acrobat. Reader doesn't have the ability to enable Reader's signing ability in a document.Read other 2 answers

Enable Java in v. 27.0.1

I just had to do a fresh install on my laptop after my hard drive fried. I reinstalled Firefox, and apparently it gave me a new version. I am an online student, and I need Java to run my school's website. However, when trying to find the appropriate

HT5559 Oracle has updated java 7 to update 13. Re-enabling java 6 failed

Oracle has updated java 7 to update 13. Re-enabling java 6 cannot be completed with mentioned commands in artikel HR5559. Can anybody help me?William Lloyd wrote: You need to run Java 7 at this point, as Java 6 has been disabled due to security risks

How can I enable java applet plug-in and Web Start applications via terminal?

Since the last Java update to Snow Leopard, I have found that the system periodically disables the Java applet plug-in after a period of disuse.  I know I can go to /Applications/Utilities/Java Preferences and just click to re-enable Java.  But I wan

How do I enable java for a given website

I cannot seem to enable Java in Safari for any given Website. There is no instructions for doing so. All that is presented when under Preferences > Security > Enable Java "Manage Website Settings" is a blank frame with nothing to select or