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error bookmark not defined word 2007


Goods Issue error - batches not defined for delivery item

Hi, We are getting a Goods Issue error  u201CThe batches are not defined for delivery item 000010u201D.   We are only getting this error for a material that is being shipped against a particular third party sales scheduling agreement.  We went live i

Error when function defined as property of TestCase

I'm finding that defining a test case property as a function data type causes some problems. Here the test case. package tests     import flexunit.framework.Assert;     public class TestExample         public var exampleFn:Function;         [Test]   

Error creating user defined tables: Ref count (-1120)

Hi all ! I have to create user defined tables per code, so I wrote <b>2 main functions</b>, first <i>to create a table</i> (with TableName,TableType and TableDescription properties)and  and <i>second to add fields</i> (

Error while installing 2nd exchange 2007 on our domain

We are installing the 2nd exchange 2007 on our domain - for obvious reasons of not able to upgrage the exisitng version to SP3 RU10 - as the server crashes everytime we do an update. So we thought we will setup a second new exchange 2007 server with

Error opening a Microsoft Project 2007 file

I am receiving an error when trying to open a Project 2007 file.  There is no error code.  The error says "The operation cannot be completed because the source file contains invalid project data or the total number of rows would exceed the limit of 1

Error while previewing in Word 2007

I am using word 2007 and have xml publisher template builder for word version 5.6 build 45 in stalled on my system. I have installed MS .NET 2.0 patch also. When i select for preview after loading the data, every time i hit the same error. the error

Error while installing SAP NetWeaver 2007

Dear All,    I got an exception while installing SAP NetWeaver 2007 on Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition (service pack 1). This exception occured when installer tried to install MaxDB database. When I saw installation log file, I found following msgs.

OBIEE 11g Map Visualization Error - basemap is defined in spatial meta-data

Hi All, I have installed OBIEE 11g successfully on my Desktop Machine, deployed the Sample Applications regarding Mapviewer and its working fine. I have seen all the Maps and they are running fine in fact they are editable and i can easily do anythin

Error in stock posting : 005/2007 period not close in GL 799999 for type S

Dear All, While posting stock through MB1C following error is shown. Though in T-Code MMRV is shows the period is closing. And also we tryed OBBP and created variant for our company code for all the line copying from 1000. Please help in this regards

Getting error type RABAX_STATE in CRM 2007 Webclient

Hi, We have installed CRM 2007 and upgraded the patchlevel of BBPCRM to SP2. After the patch upgrade we are getting type RABAX_STATE error after we log in through Webclient. We get no errors while logging through SAP GUI. Before the upgradation we we

Error in User defined function

I have created a user defined function to make a call to SAP using JCo. But I am getting an error "package com.sap.mw.jco does not exist" Do we need to install JCo on our server? Thanks in advanceHallo Vijaya Kumari, if you use XI3.0 then you sh

File scenario error in Used defined function

Hi Everyone, I was doing file to file scenario, i want to get the same source file name in target also. I created the structure as FileName, Company, Address. I did direct mapping for Company and Address but for field FileName, i created a userdefine