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export datatable to excel in c#


Issue while exporting report in Excel Format

Hello, I am facing problem while exporting the report in Excel Format. After analysis, I think that it could be due to two reasons, either we are using wrong versions of Jars, or we are using wrong API. Here is the code, approaches and problems we ar

How to reserve the page size when exporting to MS Excel 2010

Hello. I have a report which exports to MS Excel 2010. I applied the page size as legal in Crystal Report and would like to use the same page size in Excel However, MS Excel print preview says the page size is letter. How could I keep the same page s

Exporting Data to Excel

Hi guys! I'm pretty stuck atm so any help would be most gratefully received! I am now at a point where my program is controlling everything properly and reading the data from the logger correctly. I am using 8.5, using the DAQ assistant sampling at 1

Issue while exporting report to excel

I have a report created using ssrs. In that i have set the body background property to an image And also set a header in the report Now while exporting it to excel, I need to remove the body background  image and header Need Help Thanks AbhinavThe wo

Historical Report - export report in excel format

Hi, We are on UCCX 8.0 (SU2). We have an issue with Historical when we tried to export report in excel format, the report does not display in correct column. It's very confusing. We could manually correct (rearrange) the column label but it take lots

Exporting report to Excel format

We try to implement automated export to Excel Format but Crystal Report XI Java runtime doesnu2019t support export to Excel Format but pdf. Do I need to migrate to Crystal Report Eclipse 2.0 for exporting report in Excel format? Or I can deploy the C

In SSRS , after exporting report in excel,wrap text property for cell and freeze column for SSRS table header not working in Excel

I am working no one SSRS my table headers are freeze cangrow property is false and my report is working perfect while rendering data on RDL and i want same report after exporting in Excel also , i want my table header to be freeze and wrap text prope

Workflow for exporting xml from Excel and importing into table in InDesign

Hello, I have worked out how to get data from a .xlsx into a table in InDesign. However, the workflow is still a little clunky and I am looking for way to automate the process further. My current workflow is as follows (files can be download here: ht

Unexplained Error while Exporting Datagrid to Excel

Everything else seems to work ok (e.g. paging, master/detail functions, etc.) but the Export Datagrid to Excel isn't. I get the following: ErrorWe Recommend:Refreshing the page.Contacting your Portal administrator if problems persist.Accessing this P

Exception_Access_Violation error while exporting report to excel

Hello Experts, We have BO 6.5 report designer. We have few reports developed on BO 6.5. While exporting these reports to excel an error occurs with below error message: Unhandled exception Code: C0000005 Description : Exception_Acess_Violation It see

Error message when trying to export pdf to excel

i keep getting an error message when trying to export a pdf to excelHi , Could you please elaborate more about the issue ?What exactly are you trying to perform and how are you trying to do the same? Are you using Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat to exp

CR 2008 Export Data to Excel Issue

I have developed report in cr 2008 and embed it in vs 2005 window application. when i export that report to excel, i have to choice Excel and Excel Data Only. I tested both option but my exported report have extra blank columns and rows. That is very

How to export alv into excel sheet without using toolbar button

hi, i have developed ALV using FM methord on that i have created one button when user will click on that button hole ALV should export in to excel as it is and that ALV is Heaving top of page contain also i want that shuld also copy please help me fo

Export data into Excel from PL/SQL Block

Hi, Please tell me how to export data into excel comming out from PL/SQL code in APEX. We can simply export data into excel if we have Report region, but my query is dynamic for which i had to use PL/SQL block. Now i want to export that data into exc

Cannot Export PDF to Excel by Save as progress

Dear All, I cannot export PDF file to Excel by Save as progress which save to Excel spreadsheet as Adobe software have teach us. When I open the Excel file, there came out a error saying that "This file cannot be opened because of errors, Errors are

Export in multiple excel sheets

Hi, I am using crystal XI and need to export in multiple excel sheets from crystal. How can I do that, please help me. Thanks, Sagarika.One of the 3rd-party Crystal Reports desktop schedulers listed at http://kenhamady.com/bookmarks.html allows you t

Export data to Excel

Hello All,             I am trying to export data to Excel from a report output. Its a simple report. I have tried the below FM CALL FUNCTION 'RH_START_EXCEL_WITH_DATA' EXPORTING   DATA_FILENAME             =   DATA_PATH_FLAG            = 'W'   DATA_

Problem while exporting data to Excel sheet.......

Hi I have written the following code to export data to excel sheet... data:        conv_out TYPE REF TO cl_abap_conv_out_ce,        content TYPE xstring. data : itab_slsrl type table of znslsrlitm. data: xml_out TYPE string. Data: Node_slsrl type ref

How export report into excel sheet automatically using SSRS 2010?

Hi, I have created many reports using SQL Server Data Tool 2010 and at my work, we are using active batch to ran reports every month. Now question is, my boss want me to set up reports such a way that when active batch is ran, reports should be expor