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Filter coefficient

I am designing a digital filter,but I faced problem. I want to entre my own coefficients to the filter. Please anyone help me how to change the values of the coefficients in digital filter in the VI. many thanks for helpThank you natasftw for your re

Cannot print PDF files: "/usr/lib/cups/filter/pdftops failed"

Hi I have a HP Deskjet D1460 printer (crap, i know ). I'm using hplip 3.11.1 drivers and CUPS 1.4.6hplip 3.11.1. Today i wanted to print a pdf file, and my printer just silently refused to work, like they always do I did some log-scavenging, and foun

"Filter failed" in CUPS when using IPP (HP LaserJet 500 color M551)

I have two ArchLinux machines, one with HP LaserJet 500 color M551 connected over USB and another one on the same network. Printing over network (ipp) doesn't work: CUPS on the client says "Filter failed", so the job doesn't even reach the serve

HP Laserjet 1120 error filter failed when printing

Printer is installed when I plug it in to usb, and erverything seems ok. Get an error when i try printing "filter failed" Tried to to add manually the printer and selects it, but an error pops up and says the software has been incorrectly uninst

Canon IR-Adv 5045 printing error 'Filter' failed

I just upgrade our office to include 7 new Mac Pro towers and one iMac. All of the towers had no problems when upgrading the print drivers for our Canon printer.  The iMac (only) returns a print error and will not print to the device. If anyone can r

Canon MF5950dw throwing Stopped - 'filter' failed printer error

We just bought a Canon MF5950dw printer, and on a MBA running 10.8.2 when we try to print anything over the network, it'll stop with the error: Stopped - 'filter' failed. I've: repairing permissions from the rescue disk tried deleting and re-adding t

CUPS "Filter failed"

Hello, I use the hpcups, pcl3 print driver and printing just works, BUT: the print jobs still gather up in my queue with the message "Filter failed", although I printed them just fine. So every now and then I have to manually clean my print queu


I KEEP GETTING THE SAME RESPONE FROM MY PRINTER WHEN I TRY TO PRINT "PRINTER FILTER  FAILED"....THIS IS THE MESSAGE I GOT .. HELP ME!!! Process:         rastertoDPSE [1964] Path:            /Library/Printers/Primera/DPSE.bundle/Contents/MacOS/ra

Unable to print. HP printer keeps pausing!

My printer suddenly refuses to print, job goes into queue, says it is printing, then printer pauses. I have powered down, deleted and re-added the printer. Printer is HP CM1312. Using OS X 10.6.8 Any help aprreciated! thanks Steve Error log (gobbledy

HP cp2025dn printing problem

hi there, i hope there is some help out there, since i have absolutely no idea what else i could try to make my printer work via airport, which has until now worked perfectly well via direct usb connect. via airport either way (ip or bonjour) print j

[SOLVED]Canon D1100 Series UFRII LT doesn't print, CUPS thinks it does

Hello everyone, I have been struggling getting a network printer at work working with my laptop. I installed the driver from Canon's web site, and everything seems to be fine on my end, but the network printer doesn't print anything I give it. I can'

[SOLVED] Cups problems - Can't print (Epson DX7450)

Edit: It's all good since libcups 1.3.10 except Firefox can't print for some reason, but I'm willing to let that one go Note: Already posted this in Newbie Corner before I realised it belonged here. There it is marked [SOLVED-MOVED] with a note. Sorr

Can't print to Epson Stylus

iMac Intel Mac OSX 10.6.8 Epson Stylus Photo T60 (USB connection) Printed fine last night, as it has ever since I bought it a couple of years ago. This morning suddenly does not print. Troubleshooting done so far: 1. Turned off printer, restarted and

Samsung printer fails after update to CUPS 1.7.5

On July 31 I updated my system and cups-1.7.4-1-x86_64, cups-filters-1.0.54-1-x86_64 and libcups-1.7.4-1-x86_64 got updated to cups-1.7.5-1-x86_64, cups-filters-1.0.55-1-x86_64 and libcups-1.7.5-1-x86_64, respectively. I just tried to print something

Cannot print with Brother HL-2140 (CUPS does not complain) [SOLVED]

I've got a brother HL-2140 which I've installed according to these instructions: http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Brother_HL-2040.  I am using the 2040 driver instead of the 2140 as there are reported issues with the 2140 driver and the 2040 drive

Remote faxing error - A fax number was not provided.

I have a USRobotics 5637 Fax / Modem attached to a Mac Mini. I can send and receive faxes on the Mini. I have enabled printer sharing on the Mini. User rights are everyone is allowed to print. When I try to print to the shared fax from my MacBook Air

Printing issue with pdftops for XML publisher reports.

Hi All, We have recently upgraded from 11.5.10 to R12.1.3. We are facing a strange issue for some of the seeded reports that were converted to type XML after R12 upgrade. First, the reports were printed with junk / xml character while submitting the

Problems Printing to Shared Windows Printer Via SAMBA (foomatic error 255)

I can NOT print from my MacBookPro to a printer that's shared out from my Windows PC. Of course, printing to this same printer from my PC works fine. Please help me resolve this printing problem. Read on for more details regarding my printing woes! I

Print Service- SMB - Can't get jobs to print on shared HP printer via SMB

I have been banging my head on the wall on this one, and a call to Apple support ended up with a lot of diags followed by "It must be the printer driver, call HP" Has anyone successfully shared HP Officejet/Deskjet/Photosmart printers from Mac O

Can no longer print to shared windows printer after leopard upgrade

Hi guys, I know this is a topic that has come up before, and I have gone through the support forums trying to resolve this on my own, but I am at a roadblock. Printing used to work on Tiger, and now it doesn't, and I simply don't know how to debug th