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How do i use my web of trust add on firefox android?

how do i use my web of trust add on firefox android? i have it in my PC and it works great, all i do is look at the green circles to tjw right of each website in my search lists. but i do not see anything like this on my android! how do i work it? th

Excite PRO 3G connection not work after Android v4.3 update

Hello, I live in Italy and on last Sunday (january 26th) my Excite PRO tablet (model AT10LE-A-10H) got the Android version 4.3.201121220.35. After restart my wifi works fine, all other app work fine, but my 3g connection doesn't work, mobile network

For what reason on my tablet with OS Android 4.1 does not work flash on the sites?

Hi! I recently bought a Google Nexus 7 tablet with Android 4.1 operating system and on my tablet does not work flash sites. Why adobe does not release a new version of flash for android 4.1? Why it was necessary to buy a company Macromedia, if adobe

Why does Android Reader smart zoom not work as described on Google Nexus 7 2013 tablet?

The smart zoom feature in Android Acrobat Reader allows you to double tap on a text column and the reader will zoom up to the column in improve readability.  This feature works great on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 smart phone, but only appears to zoom

How to make mac address gmail contacts overwrite the ones on my HTC Android phone - I don't want to sync - that makes the phone scramble and overwrite my computer.  I want to remove or correctly overwrite the phone information as I have done with iPad.

Please help - I am beginning to hate google, my android and gmail.  I have just wasted about 5 hours in a futile attempt to try and get my current Mac contacts list on my computer updated to my phone. I'm not that computer literate but I have looked

HT201269 How do I add another contact / recipient to an SMS. Easy in Android, but I can't see how on my 5s.  Have to create a group on my Macbook Pro (OS 9.1), but it's not getting synced via usb. I'd prefer not to use cloud.

How do I add a contact / recipient to an SMS on iPhone 5s?  It's easy on Android, but I've not sussed it on the iPhone - can't create a group etc.  Tried to create a group on Mac, but it either doesn't exist or won't sync to the phone with usb, nor w

HT5012 I am having difficulty XMIT/REC text messages to family members using Android phones?  I have a 3GB data plan and all switches and buttons are set properly.  Any suggestions?

I am having difficulty XMIT/REC text messages to family members using Android phones?  I have a 3GB data plan and all switches and buttons are set properly.  Any suggestions?    Hello APVzW, we absolutely want the best path to resolution. My apologie

How to get Current Location in a Android Emulator using Flex

Hi In the following code I am able to plot the Location using Latitude and Longitude but the requirement is in an Android Emulator on launch of the application I need google map to display the users current location, How can this be achieved ??? I tr

Is there a way to open different books on various apps at the same time like in android devices?

hello good peolpe, i bought an ipad mini retina for books reading and i would like to know if there is a way i can open a book with different apps like  i do on android device where you can use various apps to open differents books at the same time,

How easy is it to create a new add on? I would like to see tabbed display within the browser on FF24 on Android 4.2 – as per desktop FF

Please excuse this if it's a noob Q – I am, indeed, completely new to Android. Tabbed display appears to have been possible on previous versions of FF for Android via several add ons but unfortunately no more. Display of each open tab within the brow

Lync 2013 + Windows 8 phones not getting any notification but android and iphone works fine

Dear All, Issue : None of the windows 8 phones gets alert when someone pings in lync2013 Description: We get notification when someone pings to lync2013 im configured in android or iphone and it fails to notify when someone pings lync2013 configured

How do I install firefox on my android when I click on the download link it goes to a site that cannot be completed by my phone? LG Optimus

When I click on the orange download for android button, it takes me to a site that is not able to be opened. An error message pops up. I prefer Firefox to the browser that came with the phone, but it does not show up at all in the Android Market.Sorr

Como faço para sincronizar mais de uma conta de email no Firefox Sync para Android?

Olá. Tenho instalado o firefox 34.0.1 para android no celular. Tive que desinstalar por causa de um travamento e ao reinstalar perdi duas contas que eu sincronizava. Agora somente um email está sincronizado e sou obrigado a entrar nos emails por nave

Cannot send txt messages from my iPhone to a android galaxy gear 3

My husband switched from an iPhone to a galaxy note three and kept his old cell number.  Now he cannot receive texts from any other iPhones including mine. Research on Internet indicates this is common issue when an iPhone user switches to an android

TS3899 I changed from an Iphone to a Android.  I can't get my email from other Iphones

I changed from an Iphone to a Android.  Now I can't recieve emails from other Iphones.Email should not be a problem, text messages can be but not email if it is set up correctly on your new phone.Read other 3 answers

Hi Team, I wuold like to know if you have any app to make Firefox OS working with cisco Call Manager 10.5. Something like Cisco Jabber for Android or iOS.

I'm interesting on buying a Firefox Smart Phone, but I would like to know if are any app to install on Firefox OS smart phone in order to work with cisco call manager 10.5. Something like Cisco Jabber for Android o iOS. Thanks,Hi Itech, If Cisco Jabb

Adobe Creative Cloud app for Android (preview) compatibility?

HI - I notice that Adobe have released an Adobe Creative Cloud (preview) app for Android. This is very welcome as it would allow me to share files across Windows desktop, Android tablet and, if necessary, iPad. But it says it isn't compatible with my

[Android]why can't "text reflow" be fixed instead of using the unreliable broken "text inflation"?

text inflation as a desktop-to-mobile-view conversion doesn't work, and can never be fixed. it will always either fail to make important parts of websites readable, or completely unhinge them. opera mini, opera mobile(now classic) and opera for andro

Unique ID of Android Tablet...

Hi, I need to develope an application in which I need to get the Unique Id of the Android Tablet.As this is my first Android application I am not aware how to get this. This application has server connectivity using PHP. Please help me to get out of

What is difference between Firefox OS and Android or iOS?

What is difference between Firefox OS and Android or iOS?kingofhawks, Firefox os is open source, offers the ability of do not track and has many great customization options. It is currently however targeted at 3rd world countries and/ or underdevelop