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Why would anyone use gstreamer legacy? and Firefox x264 HTML5 support

https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Gstreamer The wiki says gstreamer legacy is... "Legacy but widely used". On top of that every single linux tutorial on gstreamer I've seen talks about gstreamer0.10 i.e. the legacy one. Including the arch wik

FireFox v20, HTML5, webm file and my sanity!

Hello Everyone, I am very new to programming and learning my way around HTML5, so please pardon my ignorance on this..but I'm going crazy on this issue. IIS v6<br /> Firefox v20<br /> HTTP load failed with status 404. Load of media resource ht

How to make firefox enable my 3rd party extension by default?

I am developing an extension for firefox. This extension is installed on a Windows operating system using registry key entries (). These registry keys are created by our global application installer (Not manually by the user). However, firefox disabl

Problemas con firefox y html5

Despues de que firefox se actualizase tengo problemas con el html5, no me apetece nada cambiar de navegador pero solamente tengo los problemas con html5 en firefox. Los problemas vienen siendo con youtube y que no me deja ver videos a mas de 720p o 3

Problem with firefox enabling cookies for netflix

I have followed your instructions for firefox pc to enable cookies for netflix, but after clicking on "privacy" there is no further support to complete the task. Please advise.Perhaps there is an easier way. While viewing a page on Netflix, righ

Each time I am playing games on FB firefox enables a 2nd firefox window to kick in.....how do i stop this?

would you know how to stop my computer from having a 2nd Mozilla firefox kick in while I am playing games? it is frustrating and it lags my computerThis type of behaviour can be caused by malware. Try running several malware scanners. It is best to r

Firefox 9 : html5 video on youtube

Cannot view any short (like less than a minute) html5 videos on youtube. First it doesn't automatically play, then if i hit the play button, it loads forever and doesn't play anything.I can't remember which video. I haven't watched youtube much but I

Preinstall Language extension for firefox: enable extension silently

Within our computer-pool mozilla firefox version 9.0.1 should be installed with multiple languages. Placing the language add-on (e.g. [email protected]) in the %programfiles%\mozilla firefox\extensions directory this could be easily done. Unfortuante

Firefox very choppy (especially when watching twitch)

Firefox has been lagging for me for awhile, I cant really remember when it started. It gets much worse when I have youtube videos/twitch.tv/many other video streaming sites, as well as when I open a lot of tabs. None of this seems to be a problem in

Why doesn't Webm and HTML5 Video doesn't work on youtube with Firefox 4.0b8pre?

I go to http://www.youtube.com/html5 and enable html5. I do not get any video tags or content of the sort. If I do a search: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=gods+gonna+cut+you+down&aq=0&webm=1 None of those videos will appear with the

I have tried both ways to enable Firefox as default Browser; neither work. What can I do?

I am unable to get Firefox enabled as default Browser. Both Firefox tells me that it is now my default Browser; IE states that IE is not the default Browser: but, all links in e-mails go through IE and not Firefox. I tried both ways to enable default

Mozilla Firefox supports only the format. "Ogg" in HTML5? Do you plan to release a new Firefox support. "Mp3" in HTML5? Thank you.

How to play a song. "Mp3" in Firefox in HTML5?I don't think anyone is planning to support MP3 in HTML5... According to this article, WebM also is supported, but it's still an OGG-like format inside: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/HTML/

Does Firefox portable (4.0.1) fully support HTML5?

Hello, I want to create a firefox-based program. For a good look this would require HTML5. Does the newest Version of Firefox support HTML5? To what extent? Is there any good information resource for this? Thanks! MarkusYes, Firefox supports HTML5. S

Youtube not working in Firefox 31 (or the latest Waterfox).

Youtube videos play a brief one or two segment portion of the video, stutter for a moment and repeat a few frames, and then go to the black screen with the white loading circle. Sometimes it remains, other times it goes to an error screen. The weird

No Sound in Firefox on Windows 7 from YouTube, CNN, CSPAN unless Protected Mode is disabled.

I have no sound when playing Flash videos on any Windows 7 PCs from the following standard websites - YouTube, CNN, CSPAN and ESPN. Some YouTube videos provide both video and audio if I enable HTML5.  Most do not. CSPAN Videos provide video but no au

Firefox 37.01 on imac with yosemite. Flash plug-in on YouTube is constanly crashing. On other browsers I don't have this issue.

Hi, All previous versions of Firefox have worked fine. With this version, 37.01, flash constantly crashes in the youtube application. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling...worked for a while after that...but then started doing it again. I've tested

Why does firefox 4 incorrectly validate the url input?

Why does Firefox 4, HTML5 validation for URL input elements require the http:// prefix? Is there a way around it?The arrow to open the tab history of the Back and Forward buttons has been removed in Firefox 4. Use one of these methods to open the tab

Firefox main window goes black and all tools disappear.

Occasionally the Firefox main window will go black and all tools disappear. It ends up with a black window, a blue frame, and the three buttons in the top right corner (minimize, maximize and close). If any audio (or video) is playing, the sound cont

Firefox 34.05 says plugin is out-of-date, insecure, and thus disabled. But...my version is higher than the blocked version

Upon updating to Firefox 34.05, I've been faced with the fact that this version of Firefox (erroneously) thinks some of my plugins are out of date, and has disabled them, for my safety. For instance, it tells me that "Adobe Acrobat Reader is known to

No character is visible on screen while using mozilla firefox browser

upto last sunday I was able to browse net using Mozilla firefox. But from yesterday no characters are visible.You can try to disable OMTC and leave hardware acceleration in Firefox enabled. *<b>about:config</b> page: <b>layers.offmainthr