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Fix Shockwave Flash in Firefox


How do I fix the "shockwave flash" error, causing firefox to lock up, slow, or crash?

continous errors about "shockwave flash", "script has stopped working" etc, causing numerous slowdowns, lock-ups, and crashes. have tried several fixes, but none have worked.....please adviseIs it a permissions problem? Here's another

Shockwave Flash may be busy... BLAH BLAH BLAH... HOW can I fix this?

I am SOOOOOO sick of this issue.  I have posted asking for help,  advice and etc... in many different sites including THIS ONE, and no one  seems to know how to fix this. For about the last month or so, I have  had a problem with my adobe flash, or s

How do I set my default Shockwave Flash object viewer to Firefox 4 RC?

In the previous version of Firefox, I set it as my default Shockwave Flash viewer (these were offline objects) by selection the application in my program files. When I upgraded to FF 4 RC, I was no longer able to view these files, nor was I able to f