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How to track a Material Code in MM with a Fixed Asset number?

Hello Gurus! is there any t-code or way to track or link a material code generated in MM with its related fixed asset nummber? < removed by moderator - anybodies discussion is equally important > Thanks Message was edited by: Jürgen LAre you talking

Tracking Fixed Assets between receipt and invoice processing

We have encountered an issue while using Oracle Fixed Assets that we are trying to solve. The issue involves asset tracking from the time of receipt until the invoice is processed and the asset record created and posted. As you're probably aware, ass

Fixed Asset Book Report

When running the Fixed Asset Book report, the system shows every instance of an asset number. By that I mean that when and asset has changed locations the asset shows in the report in both locations with a value of zero in one location. This makes us

New user to Oracle 11i who needs help on creation of new fixed asset class

Hi all, I am new to my Company who is using Oracle 11i. And the Company has a new class of fixed asset and a GL code has been created. But there is no link between the Fixed Asset Manager and the GL code, i.e. depreciation is not linked, additions ar

Does any one know how Fixed Assets links to the Purchasing ledger?

Hi, Does any one know how Fixed Assets links to the Purchasing ledger? As I have looked high and low and can't find any table mappings or anyway the ledgers link, this is a problem as I am struggling to track an asset back to a Purchase Order. I have

Massive assignation of attachments to fixed assets

Hi there, I have this situation, we have loaded fixed assets in the R3 system, I loaded the data using LSMW, but we need the fixed assets to have a picture from the legacy system. I know that trx AS02 allows you to attach a file to a fixed asset. I a

SAP B1 Fixed Assets query

Good Morning, Could someone please comment on whether the SAP B1 fixed assets add-on would accommodate the following two issues, which one of our Accountants has requested? (1)     We are introducing a restoration provision policy that creates a rest

Usages a fixed assets

Hi The company has fixed assets and we want to charge the cost of fixed assets usage to a project. What do you recommend us? Thanks. Edited by: user1076895 on 21/07/2010 06:22 PMWell, what version of EBS are you on? I ask because in R12 Oracle has co

Import Fixed Asset by excel

Hi Every one,      I am importing FA in SAP B1 PL 09 but failed, with system message log " Its active depreciation areas must be the same as those defined in the corresponding asset class. I checked depreciation areas and asset class, They correspond

Importing the (active) Fix Asset with ◦Accumulated ordinary depreciation to Sap Business One 9

Hi all, I'm trying to upload the  Active Fix Asset to the SBO (no new). for example: item:                          FixAsset Useful life :                48 (month) Remaining Life:        12 (month) APC(Historical cost): 10000 Accumulated Ordinary De

Fixed Asset Data Migration Wizard

Hi All, I tried to use Fixed Asset Data Migration Wizard to migration my fixed asset data from 8.82 to 9 in the development server.  The server only accessible by myself. When I start the migration run, system prompt me " To Continue with the fixed a

Fixed Asset and Depreciation method in SAP B1 2005B

Hi All, I want to know what is the method by which we can do depreciation for fixed asset in SAP Business One 2005B. Looking for a postive response from all. Regards, KawishHi Kawish, The system supports the following forms of depreciation: u2022Ordi

Fixed Asset Additions Report

Hello, Is there a way to run a fixed asset addition report in SAP and then export it into excel?  I have run S_ALR_87012058, however, there is no way to export this into excel.  Can anyone help please? Thank you, Lesley-AnneHi, you can export the res

Fixed Asset conversion :Transaction AS100

Hi guys, Have any one used AS100 for fixed asset conversion. Is this option  better than LSMW. How the excel file is sorted to special format. Thanks. SaeedCons of using AS100: -This method is suited for transferring small datasets, such as a few hun

Fixed Asset Uploading Error

I am getting following Error, while uploading Fixed Asset Template. Please Advice http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Y35WGNOD Edited by: Faisal Baloch on Nov 3, 2010 7:22 AMHi Faisal...... This might be the programming issue. Please ask your technical cons

Fixed Asset calculates extra period for Depreciation

Hi All, I have imported the Fixed Asset for 2007B for the Year 2010. while checking the import, i notice that the system calculates an additional period for depreciation. Here is my scenario : a. Asset Cost = 15,863.12 (purchased on 31-May-2007). b.

Fixed Asset Auditing

Dear All, Any one kindly help me out for doing configuration for Fexed Asset Auditing. I don't know how to do the step by step configuration for Fixed Asset Auditing and view the Asset Audit report. Kindly help me. Thanks & Regards, S. Umamageshwaran

Fixed Asset Auditing Configuration

Dear All, I need a help for doing Fixed Asset Audit Configuration. Any one kindly give me a guide line for how to do the step by step configuration for Fixed Asset Auditing and view the audit report Thanks & Regards, S. UmamageshwaranSteve, please se

Import fixed assets in middle of fiscal year 2013

Hi, I like to import several fixed assets in middle of fiscal year 2013. The attached file works fine but when I then look at the depreciation months, I see the depreciation for the complete year of 2013. But when I set the start depreciation date in

Fixed Asset procedure For acquirsion Throught Landed Cost

I Have To Import A Fixed Asset From Foreign Vendor.But How Can i Able Charge Landed Cost To That Asset.means Simple Landed Cost procedure just Cost the Charge to Inventory item But How To Fixed Asset Regards NaveedNaveed, Landed cost only supports in