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Git Password on Command Line


How to Hide username and password in command line using maxl

Hi, How to encript my user name and password in command line prompt when I am login to Essbase server using batch file: *1_Here is my batch file:* Name of the bat file AV_Assig_Var1.bat rem This batch file defines the following variables: set $1 = 'a

Hide password on command line

Dear everybody, I would like to find a way to hide password on command line when user type password. There is a way that use another thread to output '\b*'. However, it has some bugs. And I can't use Console class which has a method to hide password.

Masking password on command line

anyone know how to mask password from command line input before version 1.4 ? thxIn his java section, there is a way here: http://www.rgagnon.com/bigindex.htmlRead other 5 answers

Password from command line

I have some password protected pdf documents. I would like to specify the password on the command line when I open them in Adobe Reader. Is there a command line option for this? (If it makes a difference, I have Windows Reader v. 8.1.2. running on Vi

Changing OD Password via Command Line

How can i change the OD password via the command line? passwd doesn't do it because the password is still marked as "User must change password on next login" I have a Mac OS X server (10.4.6) set up for Mobile users for mac os x clients (10.4.2-

Hiding password in command line

Hi, I am really new to java. Need some way to not display password on screen as the user enters it. Can it be done without creating text field? thanx DivyaThis can't be done on the console in java. You need to use a GUI or JNI. Check out the last pos

Vmrc.exe command line password option?

Does VMRC 7.0 have an option to enter the password from command line? I can only find a way to enter the username. The password is prompted during connection. I would like to find a way to script this command .If this is a requirement what is wrong w

Rpass - Secure, simple, and pluggable command-line password management

WARNING: this program requires a python version greater than or equal to 3. EDIT: Fixed a bunch of bugs that made this unusable, please update! EDIT: Added a default configuration file. Hi there! rpass is a command-line password manager that encrypts

How to login in command line by adding user/password in the same line

is it possible in OSX to login in terminal by typing: +login username password+ I tried many unix command and never find a command that can do that in one line, it always ask for the password in the second line. I need that to be used in Python appli

Hide command line ebs password

Hi All, is there a way to hide command line password for apps user. when start or stop ebs apps from command line, i have to type $adstrtal.sh apps/apps is there a way to hide this password. Thanks in advance.Hi, I do not think there is a direct way

File format for username/password file for -vcusersfile command line option

In what format do I specify username and password in a file that I can use for the -vcusersfile command line option?The text file should contain name/password pairs separated by an equal sign. Example: myname1=password1 myname2=password2 Hope that he

I want to set password security on a pdf from the command line

I have a pdf file that is created and placed on a report server.  I would like to run a batch cmd to set the security for that pdf based on a saved security policy.  I will call the batch cmd file from a batch application.  Can Acrobat XI handle this

Command Line to change all the users passwords

Hello there, I run Tiger Server. I want to change the password for 300 students from the command line to 1234 as a password for all the students. Is there any easy way to change all the password at once. Thanks,I changed it from WM. No terminal.Read

Hide oracle password on Unix command line call?

Does anyone know whether you can hide the password for a command line call to rwrun60 under Unix? For other Oracle products like sqlplus you can hide the password by supplying it using the redirection operator. i.e. sqlplus userid @script <<EOD and

Command line password parameter

Hi, Is there a way to open an encrypted pdf file and give the password to Adobe Reader via the command line? I know this has been asked a couple of times before but all the answers I could find were at least three years old. If this cannot be done us

MariaDB allowing login without command line password

Hi, Today I have upgraded to MariaDB as recommended. I am currently in configuration process and didn't want my cronjobs to run with a command line password for MySQL. Thus I searched and came up with three different solutions (found on SO). None of

Password not to be a command line parameter within scripts

Hi, We have a few batch programs wherein the database passwords are stored as a command line parameter in an environment variable script. But the customer wants to avoid this. What are the options of storing password externally but which should be ac

Acrobat reader command line switch - password

Hello everybody, I am a developer for macromedia director applications. I need to open a password protected PDF-file from within a director-projector-application with any suitable xtra-extension (not the problem discussed here!). all I would need is

HT4103 Password for sudo on the command line itself

Is it possible to provide password for sudo on the command line itself? Something like:      sudo -pw mypassword ... I know it isn't safe but I need it! -- tkowalUsing a PC to promote OAF customizations from test to production is a way to prevent pas

How do I change my password on the command line?

How does a user change their password on the command line in 10.4? This user is not an admin. I can try "passwd" and it asks for my old password, and then new password. Then it just says "Sorry" and does not change my password. Thanks!