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Glassfish redeploy problem

Hello! I have a problem with Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v2.1.1 (1.6.0_22). I have several virtual servers on my glassfish, every application (ear) has deployed on own virtual server. <application-ref disable-timeout-in-minutes="30" enabl

A lot of warning message using JSF in glassfish

If the browser goes to the jsf page, the server will produce several warning messages as the followings: Logger: org.apache.coyote.tomcat5.CoyoteRequest Logger Level: WARNING Message: Unable to set request character encoding to ISO-8859-1 from contex

WS Client does not work after redeploy of EJB 3.0 Webservice.

I'm using Netbeans 5.5 RC1 against Glassfish. Glassfish reports this: " Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 9.1 (build b13)" for version info. I have a simple Session Bean with the @WebService annotation. I create a web service

ADF faces (adf-faces-impl.jar) on Glassfish not being deleted on undeploy

I'm using Glassfish milestone 48 (Windows) and Oracle's ADF Faces in a basic web application. When undeploying an already deployed application the adf-faces-impl.jar is not being deleted from the applications WEB-INF/lib folder on the server. Google

Install glassfish tools in Luna M7

Hi all I installed the latest eclipse Luna milestone and tried to install glassfish tools for eclipse but it failed due to a "missing dependency" > Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found. Software be

Calling Glassfish jdbc Datasorce in EJB 3.0 with @Resource annotation.

I tried EJB 3.0 with netbeans and glassfish and "{color:#ff0000}+_ORACLE_+{color}". I wanted to link the oracle database to GLASSFISH server and I followed the instructions.After I clicked 'ping' button, it displayed as *{color:#339966}'PING SUC

Fail to deploy opensso.war on glassfish

Hi I download glassfish-v3,opensso.war,opensso.jar .. install glassfish and start the server copy opensso.jar to glassfish\lib ( is it necessary?) I want to deploy opensso.war on glassfish,I use the command line: asadmin deploy --path c:\opensso\open

Systemd unit for Glassfish v4 server

Hi all! Im trying to set up sytemd unit for glassfish4 web server but I am ending up in failed satate.. Here's what I got: cat /usr/lib/systemd/system/glassfish.service [Unit] Description=GlassFish Server [Service] ExecStart=/home/pian/glassfish4/bin

Migrating from Glassfish to Weblogic

Hello, We have a java project (EJB 3) that we deploy in glassfish. With new changes to company's infrastructure, glassfish is not available and I need to deploy the EAR files to Weblogic 10.3.0. We build the ear file using maven and get any required

Eclipse web project using Glassfish 4.1 can not load some libraries in modules directory

We installed latest "Glassfish Tools for Luna" (updated on 2 October 2013) and created a new Eclipse dynamic web project using Glassfish 4.1. When try to annotate a class with "javax.enterprise.context.ApplicationScoped", it complains

[Solved]Glassfish's updatetool

Hello, I can't run updatetool, because I am missing some 32 bit libraries, but IDK what libraries I'm exactly missing. Could anyone help? [[email protected] bin]$ sh updatetool WX import error. Verify the WX widgets are in the PYTHONPATH. The following c

About Glassfish Project

Hi, ich want to learn WS in Java. I've looked at Glassfish Project. Since a few days i try to understand all the things but its a little bit complicated. Can somebody answer me a few question. - Glassfisch Project ist only the application server? - D

GlassFish v2.1.1 and adf demo

Hello, I'm trying to deploy the rich client component runtime demo(see this) on "Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v2.1.1". This is a clean install, i havn't deployed anything else. When i drop rcf-dvt-demo.war and surf to http://localhost:8080/rc

Unable to create GlassFish server on Luna

Hi all, I'm experiencing the same problem than here https://www.eclipse.org/forums/index.php/t/821156/, but according to the comments that was already fixed. This is what I'm trying: Install the Glassfish Tools from the Marketplace In the Servers vie

Problems starting GlassFish via GlassFish Tools

Hi everyone, I am experiencing problems in starting a GlassFish Server (Open Source Edition 4.1 (build 13)) via GlassFish Tools in Eclipse Luna on my MacBook (OS X Yosemite) as described in these postings. The server is stuck at 69 % on starting up u

Unable to install glassfish server in eclipse.

I'm using WinXP SP3 Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse ( Downloaded the oepe-indigo-win32.zip from http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/eclipse/downloads/oepe-12111-1560492.html On the Servers tab, right click New > Server the

Glassfish Tools for Luna

I am running  Groovy/Grails Tool Suite™  eclipse distribution on a mac os x. when I try to install GlassFish Tools for Luna | Eclipse Plugins, Bundles and Products - Eclipse Marketplace it throws the following error below. Any suggestions? Thanks An

Issue JDBC connection pool with Glassfish and Oracle XE 11gR2

Hello, I am experiencing an issue with pinging a JDBC connection Pool. I installed the following without any warnings or errors: Operating System: Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 Oracle XE 11gR2 ( database Glassfish I will refer to the s

Move and redeploy application- and web-servers for Planing?

Hi, all! Have Hyperion Planing ability to move application- and web-servers from unix-machine to another win-machine and after redeploy existing unix-installed planing on it?They are actually for for 2 different things. The Sun WAS is for enterprise

Coherence*Web on GlassFish Server Issues

Hi! We are using Coherence in our application in GlassFish 3.1.2 both as application cache and for storing session data (Coherence*Web) so it can be shared between multiple EARs and App server instances. Session data sharing between EARs in t