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Help with white screen on startup PLEASE!

My new imac is only showing a white screen on startup. I am not really confortable with mac's yet to start trying a bunch of different things, I did try a restart where you press four buttons (p and r restart I think). I made an appt. tomorrow for th

I get a white screen at startup that turns to checkerboard pattern

My iMac Intel 2012 20" displays white screen at startup then the screen turns to a checkerboard pattern adn goes no futher. ThanksMy iMac Intel 2012 20" displays white screen at startup then the screen turns to a checkerboard pattern adn goes no

HT2452 White screen at startup and stays?? How can I get past this?

White screen at startup and stays?? How can I get past this?Safe Boot is perfoming a disk integrity check and repair process which may take a long time. Let it complete, though if the startup disk requires repair to begin with, it is likely already i

Chrome White Screen Problem

Hi, Thanks for reading - I really don't know where to go with this problem.  I have searched and googled but can't seem to find a good answer.  Problem is intermittant but applicable specifically to chrome browser loading the site I am developing. ht

White Screen during Startup

Everything was working fine on the Mac until about an hour ago when I tried to install software updates and then the screen fades and a message pops up saying the computer needs to be restarted by holding down the power button. After doing that, the

White screen at startup and no bluetooth

I have owned my iMac for 2 months.now at startup there is a white screen for 3 minutes.after it boots up the bluetooth wont work at all and can not be turned on.what do i do to fix this?Should still be under warranty. Call Apple's Customer Support -

White screen on startup 2010 Macbook pro

     The computer worked fine a couple of days ago, when the computer was given to me. I reformatted and reinstalled OS X through disk utility to remove all of the previous data. It worked fine up until I took it took school. When I took it out of my


Please Help! Last night a message popped up saying "STARTUP DISK FULL/almost full...Delete files to make disk space available" Immediately after that message the system froze and I waited for a hour to see if it would unfreeze by itself It didn'

MacAir over 45 Second white screen on startup

Prepared New MacAir (Lion), wiped all partition, install  via DVD and install only Windows 7 64 bit Enterprise with no mac partiiton, on powring on get white screen after teh startup sound which stay for over 45 sec, but if I hold alt/option during s

Stuck at white screen on startup

I managed to kick the plug from the wall and kill power to my computer. Upon restart the computer only goes as far as the white screen with the Apple logo. I can't get the dvd currently in the drive out to run a startup from the OSX disc! Help?!?Five

White Screen on Startup - please help

Hi, I'm having problems starting up the imac when i have an external usb hard drive connected. When I turn the computer on or restart, it will freeze on a white screen until i manually turn it off by pressing the "off" button. I'm pretty sure it

My Mac won't boot past white screen and startup keys won't work

Hello. I have an iMac not sure what year. So about a year ago it froze and wouldn't restart, so I neglected it for a year. Now that this my only fixable Mac I have been researching to fix it. I was able to boot into safe mode about a week ago for a l

Stuck on white screen in startup

So I was wondering if anyone had any advice on what to do with my new 20inch iMac. I just spent the day putting on all my files, I partitioned the hard drive, and I downloaded the new software updates... But after the reset it goes no where. I hear t

Macbook Pro stuck at white screen on startup.  HELP!

Right when i turn on my macbook pro, it plays the startup sound and gets stuck on the white screen. I can hear it running my cd right when the computer starts up. no matter what i do, i cannot get out of the white screen. it just stays there. same th

HELP! my MacBook 13 inch stuck at white screen on startup

My Mac book 13 inch, running ox leopard, hung on startup with a white screen. I tried holding option, it come up only my mouse pointer, no windows partition nor my apple partition, next I tried holding shift, it's just stuck forever,! After that I tr

Imac cant pass apple logo with white screen at startup!

Topic clear.. After starting white screen with apple logo (not clear) and in a min screen turns off.. Can you identify what my problem with? lcd panel? graffic card? or else? Screens: http://cid-b0bc35141d9aad6e.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/imac/ss1.P

A White Screen at Startup......What Now?

I fixed my RAM and got past the 3 beeps when starting up my iMac, but only to find a plain white screen.  Is there a way to fix that or do I need to take it in for repair? I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.Which iMac do you have..? > How to

I have a white screen at startup after installing Yosemite. Help!

imac 2011 goes to white screen and black cursor during startupHello Hackdog1, It sounds like you are unable to boot your Mac after updating to Yosemite  I would recommend you use the troubleshooting in the following article to help resolve the issue:

Macbook stuck at white screen on startup

Whenever I on my MacBook it gives off this white screen as seen in the pic. I tried command+r and holding down the option key on startup but it still leads me to this white screen. Help please and thanks on advance.Mac OS X: Gray screen appears durin

IMac Freezes at white screen during startup

Hello, I was off of my iMac for an hour or two so my screen saver when on.  I went to wake the computer and it was frozen.  I tried using the keyboard and mouse to wake up the computer from the screen saver, but it would not work, so I powered the iM