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OK, So here I was with my angry six year old daughter not able to get on Disney`s Virtual Magic Kingdom because of the last update I had done to shockwave. It had installed shockwave version Which totally screwed all three of my home sy

Blank space script

Hello everybody, i have Oracle Database 10g Express Edition Release installed, and i've done a Script for insertions , here u got an example: INSERT INTO AAP_PARQUE VALUES (seq_parque.nextval,'Magic Kingdom','3111 World Dr., Lake Buena Vis

How to reduce an illustrator file to 25 percent without losing quality?

I have created a graphic image at full size. The graphic company has requested the file to be reduced to 25% to allow uploading. I have no idea how to reduce the entire image while keeping it an illustrator file. I am also worried about losing the qu

Overheated and drained the battery

One day my Q10 became very hot at the top and very quickly depleted the battery. I was reluctant to try to recharge it.  I had gotten it on Amazon.com.  It was a new in-the-box AT&T phone. There was no online support at Blackberry for it because it d

Can't figure out how to make my OSX Server / AD (magic triangle) work- Please help

Hi there, I have set up a machine with Mac OS X 10.9.1 and Server.app 3.0.2. I think installation and configuration was made ok (I do have experience with Macs and I am part-time admin for the Active Directory in my organisation). I set up a magic tr

How to delete screenshots in Network Magic 5.5?

I am running Network Magic version 5.5.9195.0 on my home network. One of its features is the ability to take desktop screenshots of connected computers. NM will store up to 100 screenshots before overwriting the oldest ones. Rather than accumulating

Slow loading of magic bullet looks

Hello. I have GeForce GTX 670M video card and 32 GB of ram. Running on Windows 7 64 bit. Everytime i try to use the effect Magic Bullet Looks. I never get to see the image. It always loads slow and shows black background like pic below Anyone know wh

Network Magic can't even solve it's own licensing problem?

What's the deal with NM and Cisco? So I try and install NM and it reports it can't connect to it's own licensing server..  Brilliant. Then I try to open a ticket and it tells me I need to download the .2 version of the app and does not open the ticke


can anyone give few critcal issues  came across in mm during support? wht is the t- code used to look into the tickets raised?(not  for transport request)Hello, It depends on the ticket issue, there is no specific magic  transaction to resolve ticket

Black Magic Decklink Studio 2 and CS6

Hi, all.  I've been doing this for years and am always amazed at how complicated it is capturing video and audio with Premier.  Now, with CS6 and Black Magic Design's Decklink Studio2, it's no different.  The Black Magic capture utility works fine, b

Authentication errors in Magic Triangle set up

Hi All, I have recently integrated a SL server into AD to provide MCXs to Mac workstations as well as network homes, time machine server etc. Everything is working fine and there aren't any major problems - clients can log into AFP homes and the majo

Magic Mouse jumps all over the screen

*Magic Mouse is on Drugs* OK so first, let me say that generally speaking i love my mac. There was a time in the 90's when i was a big Apple fan, but after a few [email protected] business decisions by Apple, i decided to convert to Windoze (and my entire comp

SSO to Non-SAP using login-tickets

Hi all, I'd like to set up an SSO connection to a non-SAP HTTP system by using the SSO web filter (iis_sso.dll) on IIS 5.0. I've created an iView (using the application integrator) with the URL template : http://<ip-address-host>:82/reqvars.asp?<

Magic Mouse and Employing Pinch to Open and Close Feature

I have purchased a magic mouse and would like to employ the "pinch to open & close" features (option on multi-touch trackpad) with the magic mouse. This is not the same as zoom (e.g. hold control key with mouse wheel). I have tried using bet

How do I add multiple tickets under the same confirmation number from the American Airlines app to Passbook?

I have a confirmation number from American Airlines for a flight with my family all under my name and for some reason I cannot add all of our tickets to Passbook. To clarify, I went to the American Airlines app and put in the confirmation number alon

My magic mouse scrolling is stuttering in safari 5.0.5. Can anyone help?

Hi all, This has been a problem for a while now but am finally getting around to do something about it. I've increasingly noticed that when scrolling in Safari 5.0.5 it becomes stuttery/jittery using the magic mouse. I've updated everything (OS, upda

Is there a way to open the notification pane using magic mouse?

Is there a way to open the notification pane using magic mouse? i mean it would be great if i could two finger swipe to the right for the notification pane (two finger swipe left opens dashboard) I have Magic Prefs if it helpsIt doesn't seem like thi

Transaction type not found while creation of service order/ticket

Dear All, I had done all basic configuration of CIC but i am not able to create service order and service ticket. When i trying to create i am not able to find any transaction type but if i want to create follow-up document from CIC screen then i am

Is it possible that a document (in this case an Appleworks or Movie Magic Screenwriter) can be lost forever, but it's contents somehow remain as other file types elsewhere? I have an old hard drive and I need to locate the contents of these files.

I have a 20 gig hard drive from a 2001 iBook. When my iBook crashed back in '04, there was a screenplay on there that was not saved anywhere else. It has tremendous sentimental value to me, and I would really like to retrieve it. I've ran some data r

Media Encoder CC  won't render Magic Bullet Denoiser II

Hello there, i've got the following Problem: I am having Premiere CC and used the Red Giant Plug-In Denoiser II on my last project, when i import this project to the Media Encoder and select Quicktime for output, the Media Encoder won't render the cl