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Currency conversion error in SAP HANA

Hi, I am new to SAP HANA and learning to create information views in HANA studio (SAP HANA SP6 on Cloudshare, HANA studio 1.0.68). I am trying to create a simple analytic view (on purchaseOrderItem table in SAP_HANA_EPM_DEMO sample database) to have

End routine for Currency conversion

Hi, I have a requirement in which i have to convert sales and cost into three types of currency as GBP, INR and EUR in cube. i made 3 different fields for sales as well as for cost. But i am unable to write end routine for it. Can anyone please help

Currency Translation Type in queries using currency conversion

I have a question on the Currency Translation Type (EUR_VAR) that is used in all of the queries using currency conversion on the fly. (currency is maintained automatically nor in table.) User wants to use 2 different exchange rates in a single query.

Currency Conversion  on Piticular date

Dear All,                I have a requirement where in I have to convert the  Purchase Document Currency into USD on  PO Creation Date. I did the Currency Conversion in the BEX by creating a currency translation type using the tcode RSCUR. Following

Help needed with Include ZXRSRU01 in relation with currency conversions

I'm implementing how to paper: Use variable time references in currency conversions (BW 3.3). When implementing variable exit RSR00001 & write include ZXRSRU01 an issue pops up. The relevant code is: <i> DATA: l_s_var_range TYPE rrs0_s_var_range

Currency Conversion in WebI Report

Hi All: Need your help in currency conversions using WebI Report. Current Scenario:      Currency conversions are currently achieved at BEx Query Designer level where target currency is determined through a Selection Variable. Proposed Solution:    A

Issue regarding currency conversion

Hi Experts, I'm having issue with currency conversion. Default report output values are displaying in 'EURO' and I had created a toolabar with currency conversion buttons. When this button is selected, values has to be changed into user select curren

Error during currency conversion and consistency check in a sales order

Hi Experts, I am facing the below error in the sales order. The sales order is having so many items. The below error is coming for few items only. I have checked the currency exchange rates also. All are maintained properly. Please advice me how to f

Credit memo request with currency conversion to EURO

I have a requirement in which i need to create a Credit Memo Request for the newly created sales organisation using the old billing document number created for old sales organisation.New sales org will have its currency changed to EURO.I referred to

Local Currency conversion in PO

Hi Iam facing problem in wrong Local currency conversion while doing GR reversal for foriegn currency Subcontract PO. Local Currency : EUR PO Currency     : HUF User has entered wrong Exchange rate in OB08. (Indirect Quotation : HUF -> EUR) & did G

Currency Conversion based on condition in BW

Hello, I have gone through the cople weblogs/links/doc whatever information I found on currency conversion. However I am not able to figure out what could be done in below scenario. Please guide. Scenario --> I have STATUS and POSTING_DATE in my Cube

Currency conversion issue while creating PO from Shopping cart

Hello Experts, I'm facing an issue in SRM during Limit purchase order creation from Limit shopping cart. Scenario: Shopping cart was created on 1st of June and Approved on 20th June & Po was created on the same day. But the currency conversion is no

Changing preferred vendor to fixed vendor in SRM PO- no currency conversion

Hi All, We are on SRM_SERVER 550, SP11, ECS scenario. Users create carts where they enter preferred vendor. After approval we found that the PO's were created only in "Held" Status. So we did a conversion of the preferred vendor (PF 39) to Fixed

Problem about currency conversion

HI, I have added one field KWERT from KONV to copa data source.Then value is coming in USD. I want currency conversion means i want value into EUR and INR . SO please tell me how to write code for currency conversion? Thanks Regards Devesh BabuHi, Cr

Sorting Currency conversion Variables in Query Selection screen

Hi Experts, I have an issue in sorting variables. A Currency translation is used here which has two selection options here, one for "Currency" and one for "Currency conversion date". They just pop in somewhere in the selection screen w

Currency conversion in a query.

Hi, I have a requirement where I need to give the facility of currency conversion of some of the key figures in a query. There is no key date specified in the Functional specs based on which I can create the currency conversion thing. What I want to

Currency Conversion type not visible in the query

Hi , I created one currency type conversion   Z_INR exchange rate type : M Exchange rate from infoobject : zexch_rate(key fig) source curr from data record Fixed target curr : INR Variable time reference  : A to Exact Day Special info object : Ztr_da

Currency Conversion Issue

HI experts, i have an issue with my currency report, where user want see the sales volume data converting from CAD to US $. when i checked the query the conversion type is Avg rate M source to CAD and the Target currency is CAD only. but when he exec

Currency Conversion for historical Amount

Hello Experts, Can some one help me to find a solution for my reporting requirement. As part of GL reporting, I have a report which shows accumulated balance for given fiscal year/period. If the currency is in USD,I have no issues. When the currency

Currency Conversion issue for YTD model

Hello, Currently our Client is using YTD (year to date) model to maintain data into BPC 7.5NW, and planning to use BPC for currency conversion from LC to USD. They are not converting the values in Transactional system. When performing this all Balanc