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Why is it not possible to assign a hotkey to onion skinning? (For toggling on/off)

In Flash CS6 when animating frame-by-frame by hand, I'm constantly toggling onion skinning on and off, and the same with the "loop" button right next to it for looping a certain range of frames. Neither of these appears to be assignable to a hot

[SOLVED] Hotkeys on Asus 1015 PEM

Hey everyone, So i've been trying to install arch linux on my Asus netbook (ASUS 1015 PEM) and it's been working spectacularly well. Things have just been working that I wouldnt've expected, and it's really great. My only problem is that I'm currentl

Is there a way to hotkey between Input Methods?

Dear all, My macbook air has a JIS/Japanese keyboard.  I use two IMEs which translate to "Select Word" (I'll call it 'Japanese IME') and "Chinese Word-Complex Characters" (I'll call it 'Chinese IME'). The Japanese IME uses hotkeys such

Hotkey (Ctrl+B) is not working after migration from Forms 6i to 10g

Dear Gurus, Need your help regarding the following problem: After migrating from Forms 6i to 10g (Rel 2), Ctrl+B (used to list the blocks in a form) hotkey is not working anymore (all other hotkeys are working fine). I've checked my FMRWEB.RES and it

How do I get my keyboard hotkeys to work on itunes while it's minimized?

On my keyboard I have keys for the normal stuff (pause, play, stop, forward, back) and they all work with itunes but only if itunes is open...which sort of defeats the purpose. Is there a way to get them to work while itunes is minimized to the tray?

How can I remove a hotkey in Firefox, I don't want anything to happen when i press ALT

When I press ALT the menubar pops up, I use ALT as a PTT button so it is very annoying. I would like to customize the hotkeys for Firefox if possible.Anyone having the same problem as me, get this add-on [https://addons.mozilla.org/sv-se/firefox/addo

Can't get panes to re-size with hotkeys

I have a small annoyance whereby sometimes my hotkeys to re-size existing panes doesn't work.  I had changed the hotkeys to move from pane to pane to be Alt-Left (arrow) and Alt-Right (arrow) key.  After looking at the default settings by running tmu

Is there a way to change the hotkey for starting firefox in safe-mode?

The current default hotkey is shift. Holding it when starting firefox will start it in safe mode (true story). My super duper favorite handy windows hotkey for starting programs pinned to the task bar in windows 7 is windows_key + shift + #, and that

Hotkeys no longer working - ThinkPad Edge 14, Windows 7

Hello, my hotkeys to control volume, brightness, wifi, microphone, webcam no longer working. Some hotkeys (previous track, play/pause and next track) still works fine. I had this problem two times before and in this cases bios update helped. But now,

Media player hotkeys doesn't work with Windows Media Player 11

Hi; I upgraded my windows media player 10 to 11 version. Now my hotkeys doesn't work. I was wondering if there is a way to solve this problem.Hi Do you mean the Toshiba Control buttons which control the WMP function like play, pause, stop, etc On som

External ThinkPad USB Keyboard with TrackPoint issues with scroll (55Y9003) and hotkeys on a x201

Hello Once more there is a glitch with the drivers for this external keyboard 55Y9003. I have the drivers: for the ultranav system of the x201 1.10 for the external keyboard My system is XP sp3. The keyboard of the x201is fine relative to