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how to add decimal places in excel


Add a MS Word/Excel document to a Calender Event.

How do I add a MS Word/Excel document file to a Calendar Event so that it can be saved in the Calendar Event? In MS Outlook you just either copy or add the file to the Event and save.If it's simple text, I'd copy-and-paste the content into an Event (

I am trying to Add In to my excel 2013 a tab on the tool bar  that would allow me to make a PDF from my spread sheet

I am trying to Add In to my excel 2013 a tab on the tool bar  that would allow me to make a PDF from my spread sheet I went to add ins in the excel options ,& it shows the add in however the tab does not appearam trying to Add In to my excel 2013 a t

How to add an image in Excel sheet

hi, I cannot add an image in excel sheet. i have used apache POI for writing data in excel sheet. But i cannot add an image in excel sheet. Please help me about this Thanks BinaFrom http://jakarta.apache.org/poi/hssf/quick-guide.html#Images Images ar

TDM Excel Add-In for Microsoft Excel will not install: Installation Summary No software will be installed or removed.

Hello, My7 computer is running Windows 7, I have the Base installation of LabVIEW, and have Microsoft Office 2007 installed. I have downloaded the Add-In for Microsoft Excel from: http://zone.ni.com/devzone/cda/epd/p/id/2944 unzipped it successfully

Not able to download S&OP Add-In for Microsoft Excel

Hello Folks, I have been trying  to download the  S&OP Add-In for Microsoft Excel but its not just getting downloaded. I am not able to see the S&OP in the excel ribbon. Any help would be appreciated. Let know if any info is needed from my end. Th

SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization, Demand Planning Add-In for Microsoft Excel 1.0

Does anyone know if the DP Add-in for Microsoft Excel is doing well. How does it pull/push data on the DP tool? Is it fast, and is it a free add-in ?Hi Satish As you know business always loves to work in excel and if we offer this possibility they ar

Decimal delimiter and excel report generation

Hello, I've a problem with the "Report Generation Toolkit" while trying to generate reports in MS Excel. I first select data from an Access database table. Although the database table contains information in string-format as well as numbers, in

After downloading the update I can't get the new photos app to appear in my photo browser when trying to add a photo in excel.

After I downloaded the new update the new photo app will not appear in my photo browser list when I try to insert a picture in my excel document.  How can I add the new photo app to my browser list?gary from BP wrote: After the latest update to IPhot

Decimal places in excel

Hi,    I am sending quantity field to excel with three decimal places but when I open the excel after generating it shows only two decimal places.How can i obtain this function with excel it should show only 3 decimal places with thousand seperator.

Add a "save as excel" button in CDZ viewer

I am currently using BOE XI R2.  By default, under "Document", there is a function that allows me to Save the opened webi report into excel and pdf and other formats.  I am just wondering if it's possible to move that save-as-excel functionality

Add data series to excel chart

I have an envelope on a chart in Excel.  I would like to add same test data to the chart.  I can open the workbook and get my data on a worksheet, but can't figure out how to add the data series to the chart using ActiveX.Here is some vi's that I for

How Can I Add Pivot Tables of Excel Into JSP Pages

Hello all, Basing upon a query to database, i wanted to add a Microsoft Excel pivot table functionality in JSP page [with the result of query]. Is it possible to create a Pivot Table in JSP with dynamic data from database ?? Can any body help me in s

Add-in for microsoft excel does not display BI catalog

1. Installation completed without any issue 2. New connection created 3. Login successfull 4. <font color="red">Oracle BI Catalog icon no reaction!</font> Versions: Oracle Business Intelligence Oracle BI Add-in for Microso

Essbase excel add in conflicts with Excel 2007

Has anyone encountered issues when using the essbase excel add-in on Excel 2007? Is there a fix or newer add-in version?user3055639 wrote: thanks I will be installing essbase version 11 shortly, I assume this problem will be fixed in this release?Not

Add a "%" symbol with Excel Interop

Hello folks! How do I programmatically put a "%" symbol to a column in the Excel chart. I am using Excel Interop library. Any advice will be appreciated!I am working on wpf desktop application in which I am using C# 4.0 and MVVM design pattern.

OracleBI Spreadsheet Add-in disappears from Excel?

I left to work on something else (Word, web browsing, emailing), for 30mins or so, when I returned to my Excel the add-in disappeared. Right-clicking on any cell didn't give me the add-in either. This has happened to me a few times. Has anyone got th

Remove Essbase Add-in in microsoft Excel 2007

Dear All, Currently, my company is Essbase 9.2 which I do use it once/twice in a month. With the Essbase in, I have problem to use pivot table and right click option. Even when I remove it from Excel option, Add in, the Essbase automatically re-load

Add column comments from excel spreadsheet

Is there a way to add descriptions that are captured in excel spreadsheets into a relational model's tables and columns? Would it need to be a transformation script or is there another way? Does anyone have a sample of how to do this?I use excel all

Add in RRMX in excel not showing up

Hi SAPers, I am very new to SAP and am trying to get into BI. In doing so I have downloaded and installed SAP GUI 720 and have also installed bi720sp03_300-20006596.exe. My first question is: Is it sufficient enough to have the above two installed on

Please Help...!!  Is this to possible add data to write excel via java script

Team: Is this possible to write data to Excel using javascript. I have created ScriptUI Dialog window. but i can't able to store datas in Excel. I can add data column wise in excel( using writeln comment) but I can't able add data to Row wise. Please