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how to change movie language in android


Unavailability of Sinhala Language on Android Lollipop (5.02) Update

Sony has revmoved Sinhala Language from their new Lollipop (5.02) update I received my Android Lollipop (5.02) update yesterday for my Sony Xperia Z2 (D6503) and i got really dissapointed when i realized that Sony has removed Sinhala language (Unicor

Sinhala language support for Xperia

Sony Please, I'm beeing using sony since Xperia U. Now I'm using Xperia Z, yet sony is not able to provide sinhala languge support for sony. I can root my xperia and install Sinhala but, Please include sinhala language support atleast on your next up

Turn Off Vibration When Pressing Menu Key

A user suggested unchecking haptic feedback to turn off the vibration when you touch certain keys. I did not work or maybe we are talking about two different vibration functions of the Droid 2. When you press any of the four function keys at the bott

AT300-100 - Connection problems with bluetooth mouse

I am having problems connecting a bluetooth mouse to my toshiba AT300-100 tablet. The tablet and the mouse are able to successfully pair with each other. The tablet asks for the password, I enter 0000 and the two devices successfully pair up with eac

Firefox on my pc supports kurdish language but on my android phone it doesn't support it fully. It doesn't recognize some letters. How can I fix this? Can I program it?

device: Htc desire os: android [email protected]: Strange I replied to your answer just 30 minutes after your post but magicaly it is disappeared. Here is my answer again: I only tried firefox and the preinstalled browser on my phone none of them supports

How do I specify supported languages for an Android app?

I have uploaded my APK created with AIR to the Android Developers console and it looks like the list of supported languages is the default one (15 languages), see image: http://imgur.com/67MxVKI My app actually only supports 9 languages, how can I sp

Air for Android language problem

i have an Air for Android APK compiled by Flash CS5.5 that shows support for languages that are not in the app. I successfully removed these in my iOS apps, but am unable to find out how to do this for Android apps. Anyone developed a process to fix

How can I add interface languages to my Android yoga 2?

Hi, I just bought a new Yoga 2 830F 8" Android tablet. To my surprise, the Hebrew language that exists natively in Android for a few years now was ommited from Lenovo's build, so I am left with using only English as the interface language. I would be

Agentry Android Client - Device Language Problem

Hi all, We are using SMP 2.3 SP04 and Agentry 6.1.4 versions both for client and server. There is no problem when the client's device system language is English. But when it is a diferent language, gives an error. Check the screenshot below, Previous

How do i use my web of trust add on firefox android?

how do i use my web of trust add on firefox android? i have it in my PC and it works great, all i do is look at the green circles to tjw right of each website in my search lists. but i do not see anything like this on my android! how do i work it? th

Help needed with an AIR language packaging problem

I have a game that includes resources for the Hebrew language, however the <supportedLanguages/> tag supports only ISO 639-1 languages, and Hebrew is not listed; in fact I got a compiler/packaging error when I tried to use "he".  Currently

Android, backspace doesn't work properly in a flash.text.TextField

Hello, I have a bug on my Nexus 5 Android 4.4 Air 4.0. when I scroll the text in the textField and I select the text (in my example near "subclass" word), the TextField get focus, if I put on the backspace key, the character deleted is the previ

Can I use an Android phone without a data plan?

Please read all of this before responding. You will not be helping when you show a clear misunderstanding of my question. I do not need a data plan. Everywhere I go has Wi-Fi, and I am perfectly content to not have internet connectivity in the event

Making an Arch Linux wiki-reader Android app - Looking for some advice

Hey guys, hopefully this is an ok place to post this. I've just finished a beginning Java course and I'm starting on the next one. I'm learning Java with the intention of creating Android applications as a hobby. Since I've found myself accessing the

Please support the Korean language

hi. I'm using the photoshop touch 1.7.5 in android 4.4.2. but i can't see the Korean language in file explorer of ps touch and can't input  korean text.(Chinese and Japanese language is possible.) why? please support the Korean language.Great idea! S

Lack of language

After the update of the Android on my Tablet to the 4.3 Version keyboard changes and the option to have as many languages as I want disappered! I need 4 languages, but only 3 available! How can I get back to the previous version, because the basic on

Example working Flex AIR app for Android?

I'm having trouble getting even the most basic AIR app working on Android. Here is the code: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <s:WindowedApplication xmlns:fx="http://ns.adobe.com/mxml/2009"                     

Mother Of All Android Malware

I have been a bit busy trying to work with the real Android Devs reguarding this issue. Why is there nothing, (not that I looked very hard) on the verizon fourm about the recent 2 (very serious) trojans that are going around? Not even a decent mentio

App Store language - A personal Plea to Apple

Like Millions of people around the world I live in a country where i don't speak the local language fluently. In fact where I live in Spain there are in the region of 1 million ex pats living. I switched from PC to MAC because the OS has multilanguag

Issues in connecting iPhone 4 (16GB) with a Windows 8 Single Language, machine?

As soon as I connect my iPhone with my laptop via USB, the phone seems to viberate again and again with short breaks It actually gets connected and disconnected again and again! I can say this because the "Trust this computer?" dialogue box come