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how to get view definition in sql server


Creating multiple graphs dashboard in Crystal XI using a single View from MS SQL Server 2005

How to create multiple graphs dashboard in Crystal XI using a single View from MS SQL Server 2005? I need to use Crystal XI and create a dashboard which shows some sales data and stuff, multiple graphs on a single screen. My tech team says they can d

Using Discoverer 4i to view data on SQL Server

Hello, We have Discoverer 4i set up to work with Oracle 9i. Now our Discoverer users want to use Discoverer to view data that is in SQL Severer. We don't want to rebuild data in SQL Server into 9i. What can we set up so 4i can view and maybe update d

Can not see all the SQL server views

My SQL Server 2005 (SP2 STD)  has about 1000 views. When I created a Crystal Report using Crystal Report 10, I can only see about 225 views are listed in Database Expert. Here is the procedure to reproduce the problem: 1. Create a new Crystal Report

Bad query plan for self-referencing CTE view query and variable in WHERE clause. Is there way out or this is SQL Server defect?

Please help. Thank you for your time and expertise. Prerequisites: sql query needs to be a view. Real view is more than recursion. It computes location path,  is used in JOINs and returns this path. Problem: no matter what I tried, sql server does no

Unable to install SQL Server 2012 on my Surface 3 computerr w/Windows 8.1 as the OS

Another user, Cheer08, has replied to a thread you have subscribed to in the SQL Server Express Forum. Here are the error messages: Error 2 Error 1 Hello, This error is related to Microsoft Visual C++ 2005. Could you try to download and install Micro

"Value cannot be null" error when trying to edit or create Maintenance Plan in SQL Server 2008

I have SQL Server 2008 installed on Windows Server 2008 64bit, every time I try to open or create a new Maintenance Plan I receive the error: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: component (System.Design) Program Location:    at System.ComponentMode

Trouble installing SQL Server 2012 on Windows Server 2012

I have a brand new install of Windows 2012 Server Standard Edition. I am trying to get SQL Server 2012 installed on it, but have been having a lot of trouble. When I run the System Configuration Checker everything passes except for "Setup administrat

Selecting from a SQL Server 2005 with long column names ( 30 chars)

Hi, I was able to set up a db link from Oracle to SQL Server 2005 using DG4ODBC. My problem is that some column names in the Sql Server are longer than 30 chars and trying to select them gives me the ORA-00972: identifier is too long error.

SQL Server 2014 Express why not support Windows 8.1 Pro ?

Hi All ! I tried to setup SQL Server 2014 Windows 8.1 Pro x64, but setup says : "The operating system on this computer or its service pack level does not meet the minimum requirements for SQL Server 2014. To determine the minimum required operating s

Error Message from Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

I have problem editing the views that I created.  I never have this problem before and I don't know if I have touched something on the pane that alters my viewing on Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.  For example, if I want to edit the top 200

Periodic Importing of data from SQL Server into Oracle Database

I would like to know how I can use the SQL Developer tool to import data from a SQL Server database across the internet into an Oracle Database on a periodic basis? I understand there is a Migration Workbench, but it seems to be only a one off activi

Use a SQL SERVER get date in query

I want to constrain my returned data by a change date to just return the last rolling 30 days of data. When I use sysdate, I find the plan is to retreive ALL data across the dblink, and then filter it on the Oracle side. Is there any way I can use th

Issue while accessing a SQL Server table over OTG

Hi, I have been learning oracle for about 1.5 years and am just starting to learn some OTG pieces. I am wondering about an issue. The issue is: "We need help with an issue we are having while accessing a SQL Server table over OTG. We are getting the

SQL Server 2005 data in SAP BI

Hi All ! Having a requirment to pull the SQL Sever 2005 data in SAP BI. How you go about for creating the datasource? As I understand SQL maintains tables. We can create views based on the table. But how to generate the Datasource of out it? With Reg

Oracle to sql server 2005 connectivity

windows server 2003 oracle hi @all i want to use generic connectivity to select columns from a table which is located in a sql server 2000 alternativ 2005 system dsn...done listener entries...done tnsnames entries...done tnsping works for bo

SQL SERVER 2005 - part of the tables where migrated

Hello. I'm trying to convert a SQL SERVER2005 DB to ORACLE 10g. The sql-developer is converting all the objects from the DB, but builds DDL comands for 43 table insted of 320 tables . All the tables are on schema dbo. The user connecting to the sql s

QSUF (Query string url filter) and SQL Server reporting services report viewer parameters

Hi, this is my issue: I have a SQL Server reporting services web part on a page with a report with 1 parameter, lets say it's a client list Then i have a QSUF that will be used to filter the clients list through the URL However, once i connect the fi

Unable to insert sql server reporting services report viewer webpart

Hello, We are trying to add a SQL Server Reporting Services Report Viewer and when we click add we get the following error message The file you imported is not valid. Verify that the file is a Web Part description file (*.webpart or *.dwp) and that i

Unable to view SQL Server Agent while logged in as user

Hello Everyone, I have granted SQLAgentUserRole permission to one of the user and using enterprise edition of SSMS. still user is not able to view SQL Server Agent. Any help will be greatly appriciated.There is no Enterprise Edition of SSMS. There is

Can Oracle view refer a table in Sql Server Database

Can a view created in Oracle database refer a table created in SQL Server database. If yes, how do we do it. Code will be very help full. Again, if yes does it require any special software and what would be price of that software. Thanks for your res