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how to make font bigger in outlook 2010


Font changing in Outlook 2010

Hi All, Weird one here that Prof. Google cannot answer.  I've got a user who uses Outlook 2010 as part of Office 2010 and then getting email from a particular customer the reply font changes from the standard to Sim Sun and sometimes it's just the bo

Deploy Default Font Settings with Outlook 2010 SP2

Hi team Until Office 2010 SP1 it was possible to deploy a registry key to set the default fonts in Outlook. This was the following key: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Common\MailSettings\... This keys remained after a user logged in the fir

File, Send link doesn't open a new email. Using Firefox 11.0. Outlook 2010 is the Mailto default and W7 default email program. On the About:config page network.protocol-handler.external.mailto is set to regular font (not bold) "default Boolean true".

File, Send link doesn't open a new email. Running Firefox 11.0. Outlook 2010 is the Mailto default and the W7 default email program. On the About:config page, network.protocol-handler.external.mailto is set to regular font (not bold) "default Boolean

Outlook 2013 on 1012 RDS and Outlook 2010 FAT client font issue

Our terminal server was changed from a 2008 RDP box with Office 2003 to a 2012 RDS box with office 2013 on it. Now if a user changes a font - or any view setting - on the 2013 copy on the terminal box, their desktop in the office which runs Outlook 2

All my appointments in Outlook 2010 have disappeared.

They're on my iPhone 5 and iPad 4 but won't even sync to Outlook - I have everything on iCloud.  Started out of the blue about 5 weeks ago, mid-March 2014. With the contiuous little problems and now this MUCH BIGGER problem (for which there is no app

Images Do Not Display on Signature Reply Emails _ Outlook 2010 Professional

I created a company signature which display fine when sent, however when replying to an email the signature shows up with out any of the images.  There are simply blank squares where the images should be displaying.  Can anyone help me resolve why th

Favorites in Outlook 2010

I have multiple email accounts set up in Outlook 2010 and I have added the inboxes for each one to my Favorites list for ease of access. Outlook displays them all as "Inbox" but also kindly adds the name of the account next to each one. The only

Install themes in Outlook 2010

Anyone know how to enable the themes feature in Outlook 2010? - File\Options\Mail\Stationary and Fonts\Personal Stationary. The Themes button is greyed out. It's not a standalone version of Outlook either.. This is on Windows 8 with Office Profession

Outlook 2010 Signature: Resizes GIF-pictures when you do not have 100% dpi set on display settings

Our automatic signature tool creates signatures for all our employees. The signature works fine until people with non-100% dpi setting on display (e.g. medium 125% or Larger 150% in Control Panel > Display) try to edit their generated signature and s

Outlook 2010 Starts but is not Visible

Outlook will start but no window will show.  The task bar shows Outlook is open and I can right click "New Message" (and all others) and it will show.  But the main window is gone.  Recently (last couple of months) the window has been opening ve

Stuck in offline mode - Outlook 2010

I am stuck in offine mode in outlook 2010 and get back to online mode.  Any ideas?                                    [email protected]<!-- /* Font Definitions */ @font-face {font-family:Calibri; panose-1:2 15 5 2 2 2 4 3 2 4; mso-font-charset:0; mso

"This task could not be updated at this time" Error in Outlook 2010 on Workflow Form

Hi, I have setup a workflow to send task notifications to users and am getting an error when attempting to act on the InfoPath based workflow task form that appears in Outlook 2010 when clicking on the "Edit this task" button.  After clicking Ap

Disable Outlook 2010 Themes/Stationery through Group Policy

I can't disable Outlook 2010 Stationery/Themes/Fonts by Group Policy.  I have read through so many threads from people who need to do this but all of the so-called solutions end up being for 2003 or 2007. Using Group Policy Management Editor Created

Outlook 2010 rendering messages incorrectly

My Outlook 2010 is rendering my emails in an encrypted format that I can not read. It always had displayed these messages fine in the past, but about 5 days ago started delivering them like this. They are coming through an IMAP connection with RackSp

Outlook 2010 Shared Mailbox Outbox Send Immediately Issue

Hello,  So we have a weird problem tat we have being trying to diagnose for a while and I think that I have finally got to the bottom of the problem, just now need to find a solution. We have a shared email email account. This is set up as shared mai

Some of my Outlook 2010 email text defaults to underlined (received or sent).

How do I turn off the underlining?Hi Bcsberine, Disable the underline from the text of Outlook (MS-Outlook 2010) emails by following the given path: File >> Options >> Mail >> Stationery and Fonts >> Font Note: Improve community di

Problem with Outlook 2010 sync: Which PST file is used for synchronisation?

I have a problem with sync of my Outlook 2010 calendar with my iPhone. Sync works somehow but it seems that iTunes grabs any calendar but not the one of my Outlook. I looks like iTunes is connected to another PST or some other calendar file on the co

Errors all the time in Outlook 2010?

Hi, For the past 2 days I cannot recieve or send emails at all on one of my laptops but on the other it does work fine. They both have the same set ups using MS Outlook 2010 but the other latop is on Windows 7 and this one is on windows 8.1 which doe

Save As Dialog Not Showing when opening pdf from Outlook 2010

Hi I have recently had to change the default documents folder on a windows 7 machine (Right Click Documents, properties,  include folder, set save location). Since this change, when opening an attached pdf document in outlook 2010 and viewing with ad

Can not open pdf file in Outlook 2010 - error opening document

when I click on the PDF file in the email (Outlook 2010), Adobe opens but it pops a window "There was an error opening this document. Access denied". If I save the document as a file, aka to the desktop, I can open it then. Also also I click on