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how to populate grid in peoplesoft


Populate combobox grid view from sql server

hello, is it possible to populate combo box from entries in sql server database also is it possible to populate grid view from entries in database including image files stored in binary format regards,Yes and yes.Read other 2 answers

Oracle 11g grid control software for Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.0 version

Hi, Just curious to know when Oracle 11g grid control software for Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.0 version will be released. If already released, can you post the link? Regards, Manoharaadragna wrote: What is the best installlation document to follow for

Peoplesoft HelpDesk 8.9 Web Services

Hi, We are trying to integrate Oracle 10g Enterprise Manager (EM) Grid with Peoplesoft HelpDesk 8.9 using Custom Connector framework provded EM as there is no out of box connector for Peoplesoft HelpDesk 8.9. The connector frame work requires web ser

Error while retrieving result set in JTFGRID.

Hi , We have developed a custom form where there are various search parameters. Contract Number being one of them. The result set consists of various fields like Contract ID, Contract Number, Contract Number modifier etc.  This result is deriving its

Help with JButtons please

Hi, I have a 2D array of JButton's in a gridLayout. This stores the buttons row/col and if it has an image: for(int i = 0; i < 7; i++) { for(int j = 0; j < 7; j++) { button[i][j] = new JButton(peg); //Populates grid with ImageIcons button[i][j].putC


In universal search in oracle telesales, there is a field called, AT A GLANCE, once you check & search ,the application is throwing following error APP-JTF-210604:Programme error JTF_GRID.POPULATE PACKAGE REPORTS ERROR AN EXPECTED ERROR OCCURED IN jt

HTMLPanelGrid problem

Hi all, I am uing JSF 1.1 I had a datatable with command links that worked fine , but in order to adjust the view I needed to change it to a HTMLPanelGrid. As a result my command links no longer work. The method that is bound to the link was previous

Selenium to test ADF UI Application

I've created an ADF UI application and am running it from within JDeveloper. My default browser is Firefox 2.x. I've installed Selenium IDE and am recording my UI interactions using it. When I playback what I've recorded, Selenium is not able to find


Which is the difference between using REFERENCE or SCOPE IS? thanksI have several request-scope beans in my application that generate custom HtmlPanelGrids, here's how I deal with it. If JSF/Tomcat already has the HtmlPanelGrid from the first time yo

Populate Flex Grids during view state?

Hi, I am very new to Flex. I am working on a Flex project where I want to populate xml data in the two grids during viewstate. In my project, I have two grid which resides in the two discinct view state named as "Category" and "Topic".

PeopleSoft 8.52 Plug-in Implementation Guide for use with Grid Control

Per the Readme accompanying the download of PeopleSoft 8.52 Plug-in for use with Grid Control ( "For the implementation reference guide, refer to "PeopleSoft Enterprise Environment Management Plug-in 8.52 for Oracle Enterprise Manager

Can I populate specific columns and rows in a grid in SSRS?

Hello, Using SSRS 2008, I need to create a report that populates information with a specific layout - that layout will always be the same. Just what populates it will change. In other words, I need to populate a grid but only certain rows and columns

Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Manager Plugin Installation on oem grid control 12c facing error

Hi Friends, I am planning to monitor Peoplesoft 8.52 HRMS application through oem 12c grid control. First I have installed 12c grid control successfully. Followed by I am installing the Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Manager Plugin in 12c oem repositor

PeopleSoft Target status always down in OEM Grid

Hi All, This is my first post here. So pardon me if I make any grammatical mistakes. I installed OEM Grid in my machine and also installed the PeopleSoft Management Plugin in my OMS and Agent. Now after configuring the PeopleSoft targets (on

Populate a Grid of calling form through called form.

hello, I need to call a form. Then select the rows through check box(called form) then have to populate them in a grid of calling form. Any ideas, how to do that..? Thanks..!Hi, you could save them (when selected) in an ausiliar table... then when yo

Populate a field on TAB press in ALV Grid (OOPs)

Hi Experts, I have an ALV(oops) with cl_gui_alv_grid. I have a field MATNR as empty and when i input a value and i press TAB key d anit should go to next field (next coulmn) to fill the  old material# which can be got from MARA. I am not able to get

CF 9 How pass data in one grid to a query that populates another grid?

I have a cfgrid from which a user would choose a data row. Based on the  values in the selected row, I would run to a query to get detailed data that would display in another grid. In that new grid, I would want to be able to insert and also maybe ed

To populate another alv grid's field with value selected from search help

Hi, I have two fields in alv grid, first column holds code and the second one holds code's description. Also I have a search help includes these two fields. The search help is attached to the first column. The requirement is, when I select a code fro

How To Populate An Advanced Data Grid In Flex With An XML Document Created In JAVA

Flex Code: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <mx:Module xmlns:mx="http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml" layout="absolute" width="856" height="698" initialize="onInitData()">

Peoplesoft APIs available for usage by external servers to populate data

Hello We are exploring a possibility to intergrate our IN with the peopesoft CRM. This requires that the CDRs generated by IN are decoded and stored in the CRM database - as per its layout. So i'm looking for following information: a) Are there any e