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How to Use MySQL Workbench


How can I create a new table in a MySQL database in MVC 5

I have an MVC 5 app, which uses MySQL hosted in Azure as a data source. The point is that inside the database, I want to create a new table called "request". I have already activated migrations for my database in code. I also have the following

***No Table found, when creating a recordset to MySQL Database

I have made a successful connection to the MySQL database. When attempting to create a record set (Query) under the Application/Bindings Tab, I select the connection, but then the Table field says *** No Table Found Also under Application/Databases t

[closed]mysqli is missing

Hi, I have searched google and the forums and tried the different solutions and nothing seems to fix it. I have been through the Arch LAMP top to bottom twice. phpmyadmin shows this when run: The mysqli extension is missing. Please check your PHP con